Did someone lay carpet on my tongue during the night?

Quite a few pubs and loads of beer and squirrel-juice last yesterday. I’m one Hung-over Ferret!


  • ah bless! i will be round with bacon sausage eggs beans etc. a large coffee, paracetamol and a lot of tlc will that help you recover plus a couple of good dvds and a huge tub of ice cream 😉

  • ernie.e

    He got me as well.

  • Sorry about that.

  • drink water

  • latymer_crown

    is that what the girls call it these days?

  • Oops

  • yeah that feels horrible i get that more if i drink wkd blue must be the weird chemicals lol , drink loads of liquids and eat bacon it helps lol


    it wasn’t me ferret!

  • Hunny bunny

    some bacon egg and fresh orange – followed by 2 paracetamol may hoover that carpet for you!!!:-)

  • Yes i know the feeling, I just finished a 2 litre of coke and i am on my way to gatorade. I do this crap to myself every time I drink. I call it hot coppers. LOL

  • ipodlady231

    it wasn’t carpet…

  • frenzalpixie

    I think Fry from Futurama sums this one up nicely:
    "It feels like there was a party in my mouth and everyone threw up"

  • Uncle Elroys chicken and waffles

    just wait till you get a visit from the bum goblin. you sit on the toilet and you know he’s coming cos of the smell. then he jumps out and dissapears down the s-bend. leaving you with a sore nipsy

  • baby jesus

    Your tonge was upholstered by Satan!

  • suzannerice1964@btinternet.com

    Thats the tounge carpeting fairy at work!! xx

  • Try having a beer as a hangover cure…. Worked for me!!! LOL

  • stuffy

    SO your the one who left the bald spot on my floor?

  • lisa j

    Yeah i no what you mean i get that most weekends!!

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