Depression….an ebook uploaded

For all of us the death of Robin Williams came as a total shock. A famous and successful Actor who many of us feel had everything to live for. Obviously he felt otherwise and the recent news that has become public is his  recent diagnosis of Parkinsons.

In a person who is already suffering from depression, a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease could very well have exacerbated that and made the idea of suicide much more realistic.

Parkinsons is a Chronic neurological disease, which eventually can kill and it would make someone who suffers from depression feel even more hopeless and helpless.

Clinical depression like that suffered by actor-comedian Robin Williams is more than just feeling blue or having a bad day. It is a condition that impacts your ability to successfully function at work, at an educational setting … or your ability to socialize successfully and in addition you usually have problems with eating, sleeping, or getting enough sleep.

The suicide of Robin Williams is just so sad and if it achieves anything it will be to highlight the depth of despair that many people with depression experience. Maybe it will make more of us take this condition seriously .

coverv1Today I have uploaded  a really good ebook on Natural Ways to beat Depression. I think you will really get value in reading this book.


It is uploaded in the health ebooks page here




Log into the members area and go to the health ebooks page and scroll down…..its the last book on the block.







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