Curing Nasal Polyps Permanently

The problem with using medications for nasal polyps is that they keep the polyps down only for as long as the medication is administered. In addition, the body tends to develop a tolerance for drugs, and as a result your polyps growths will eventually become immune to drugs and will grow even larger than their initial size.

On the other hand, when you use natural remedies, you run no such risk. There are a number of herbal preparations which can shrink the polyps in as quickly as days, especially if these are combined with the appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes.

However, the most important part of nasal polyps treatment protocols is making sure that the polyps never crop up again. The secret is adopting certain measures that will make your body virtually incapable at growing polyps. For example, most types of polyps require a degree of inflammation in the body to grow. Your diet has a huge weighing on this – some foods produce inflammatory substances while other produce anti-inflammatory substances. So, by making sure that the intake of some foods are limited, and others are included regularly, you can keep your body in an anti-inflammatory state. Note that this is beneficial to your overall health as well, as inflammation is the cause of many conditions, including joint pain, heart disease and cancer. Some vitamins and minerals are also crucial to keep your body in an anti-polyps state, for example by taking regularly the vitamin that is crucial for the health of the epithelial tissues in the nose and sinuses.

In addition, if you have some conditions, you need to be careful about specific things. For example, if you are asthmatic you should avoid aspirin and medicines containing aspirin, as a proportion of people with asthma will be sensitive to aspirin and it will make their symptoms worse and increase the likelihood of nasal polyps.