Could I have a thyroid condition?


I think I might have a slow or malfunctioning thyroid. I am tired often, and sleep very late and still feel tired. I can sleep 10 hours and still need caffeine to get going. Losing weight is next to impossible. One time I ate 1000 calories a day for two months and lost almost no weight. My mind feels fuzzy, often, and I am getting forgetful. My eyes are light-sensitive, I have tinnitus, and I seem to lose more hair than most people.

In fact, I have a whole lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism – except for one – I’m not cold all the time. In summer I am usually hot and dislike temperatures above 70. But then, in winter, my feet get really cold even at normal room temp.

Any thoughts? (Yes, I know I need to talk to my doctor, and I will. I’m just curious what others might think too.)

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  • sounds a lot like a thyroid condition. you also exhibit a temperature intolerance, which is another symptom. i have reverse T3, which acts like an autoimmune thyroid condition, and i actually bounce back and forth between symptoms of hypo- and hyper-. the symptoms you have now all sound like what i have when i am at one end. definitely see your doctor. right now my doctor has me on natural thyroid, iodoral, fish oil, b-complex and a multi-vitamin. a lot of regular doctors won’t do the extensive tests and i had to see a natural medicine doctor (not a quack, someone who is actually an MD and later went on to study naturopathy among other things). keep track of your weight, how much you sleep, and what you eat. good luck!

  • Hayley

    You can type in your symptoms and they can tell you what you have. If it gets worse, go see a doctor.

    Take care 🙂

  • Pati C

    Yes, it does sound like your thermostat is out of whack. You have listed a number of classic symptoms. Have you lost any hair in your eyebrows? Sometimes the outside half of both eyebrows disappear. However the cold hands and feet, that are a primary symptom, doesn’t seem to apply in your case. Cold hands, feet, and nose ‘YEAR ROUND, even when it’s 90 degrees outside, is the norm for a low thyroid- yes, colder than the temperature around you. However, many doctors tend to treat only the blood test results instead of the patient and her symptoms. So instead of listing the symptoms to your doctor, I suggest you let him/her list them as you say yes or no to each. Sometimes the doctor will "pay attention" to your symptoms this way.

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