Connection between colon cleansing and good joint health?

I read that an unhealthy overworked colon that does it’s job less efficiently can result in unprocessed toxins that end up reaching the joints and that building up and creating sore joint pain
– so secondly would anyone know of any effective colon cleansing supplements – Thank You very much for any help!

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  • oldtimekid2

    Theoretically, I suppose, but I’d really doubt it.
    I mean just following their logic, if the intestinal tract isn’t absorbing nutrients (mainly protein), it could have an impact on the joints… but if your intestinal tract is that bad off that it can’t absorb protein for long enough to notice the damage in the joints (which would be months if not years), then you would likely already be dead from malnutrition. Also, unprocessed toxins wouldn’t only get in the joints… they would be spread throughout the whole body if that actually happened. You’d likely notice other indications way before joint troubles.
    Simply put, the joint tissues are some of the most dense tissues in the body (obviously, there are others like the bones, but they are dense) and it takes time for them to be worn down or to be built back up. I haven’t read any research that says the colon would have any significant impact on the joints.

    That being said, the best colon cleansing you can have is adding more fiber to your diet. It’s not a quick cleanse or a one-time-use cleanse, but it’s a better maintenance option to keep the colon clean so you don’t NEED to clean it every so often. Fiber basically works like a scrub brush as it goes through the intestines and colon and cleans them out very efficiently… that’s the way they were designed to work.
    If you wanted a major cleanse, any good quality company’s colon cleanse would work just fine, then I would just add more fiber (cereals, breads, pastas, fruits, veggies, etc) to your diet. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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