Commit Before Taking Weight Loss Medicine

There are many different types of weight loss medicine available today. Some pills are hyped as medicine that’s “prescription strength” and as “effective as a prescription” but you can order them off the television, online or through the mail. Don’t. Unlike prescription medication, these pills aren’t regulated by the FDA. Over-the-counter or mail order diet pills don’t have claims that can be proven or backed up, because there’s no evidence that has to be presented anywhere for them to make that claim. They can claim to make your hair grow, make you lose weight, make you taller or anything else, and get away with it.

At worse, this kind of weight loss medicine is dangerous and even deadly. Pills that expand and fill you up so you’ll eat less as well as pills designed to rev up your metabolism or keep you from being hungry have all made people ill. Deaths have been reported that were linked to each of those kinds of easily purchased pills. Don’t risk your health on a bottle of snake oil that can potentially make you sick.

Any weight loss medicine you do decide to take should come directly from your doctor. And even then, you should ask lots of questions about the medication. Ask how you’ll feel on it, because sometimes there are side effects, especially in the beginning. Some medicines can make you feel slightly nauseous. You won’t want to eat because of that, but that’s no way to have to lose weight! Usually such side effects go away fairly quickly, but you should ask to make sure. You don’t want any surprises after you’re on the weight loss medicine.

An important factor in deciding to take medicine is to decide how committed you really are to losing weight. Since you’re even thinking about pills, you’ve probably already tried many times with little progress. But you should think back and try to figure out why you didn’t lose weight, or why you lost weight only to gain it back later. Be honest with yourself before you start taking the pills. It’s best to be completely honest with yourself even before your doctor writes the prescription.

If you still feel weight loss medicine is the best thing for you, then you need to make a commitment right now to the other aspects of your weight loss plan. You’ll want to commit to making cheating on your diet a very rare thing. Commit to not skipping that workout because you’ve had a long day.

Don’t make the mistake so many other people make in thinking that prescription diet pills will work some kind of magic on them. The pills won’t do all the work of losing weight for you. And they certainly can’t undo anything you d wrong. Some diabetics eat all the sweets they want, figuring that since they’re on insulin, it’ll be ok. Dieters do the same thing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can eat what you want while on weight loss medicine.