Colothin vs Colopril? which colon health supplement should I buy?

Hi, there are lots of colon health products available in the market but which one is most effective for me? I found 2 products Colopril and Colothin, but am not sure which one to opt for. Can anyone please suggest me which one is perfect for my colon?


  • Shawn

    Hello, though there are hundreds of products which claim to cleanse the colon with an array of health benefits, you may have asked yourself which ones are most effective. More importantly, which ones are the safest?
    As 100% natural and herbal product, there will be almost negligible chances of any side effects. If you ask me I will definitely suggest you Colopril. I have used Colopril in the past and got benefited with this colon product.
    Colopril contains efficacious and synergistic combinations of ingredients, and they are extremely effective at detoxifying intestines.

    Below are its ingredients –

    1.Ginger root helps in detoxification (
    2.Cascara sagrada Bark has effective colon cleansing properties.
    3.Oat bran which is recommended as it is rich in fiber and also acts as laxative.
    4.Psyllium(soluble fiber) which is an effective natural bulking agent.
    5.On the top of it Lactobacillus helps healthy microbial balance. (

    In addition to this Colopril not only cleanses the colon but also helps you to lose weight by flushing out harmful toxic and waste present in the colon.
    You can check this product here:

  • Steve

    I tried Colothin, taking two in morning and same at night. it take some time to work, and when it started working it made me gassy, a lot gassy. so I preferred taking laxative against this. I am on the way to recovery.

  • David Charles

    I will prefer colon cleansing over colon health products for some people it might not work. Take it from someone like me who performs a colon cleanse every 6 months, each time I perform a cleanse, I get amazing results 100% of the time.

    Best of Luck 🙂

  • jonny

    Though I haven’t tried any colon cleanser, but I heard good reviews about both. You have to make sure that which product suits your body type and consult your physician before choosing colon health product.

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