colon cancer?

I went to the ER because of massive bleeding in my stool-then I went to a specialist and he said I had a large tumor in my intestines.

My symptoms have been: blood in stool, abdominal cramps, weight loss, nausea, very weak and tired

I have to have a colonoscopy next week but I was always under the assumption that only older people can get colon cancer

I am very nervous…could I have colon cancer?


  • Hi Amandy

    The Colon can be healed natually (even cancer in my opinion because Ive seen it done). No need to worry. Here are some ideas to help. Do a colon cleanse (plenty to choose from) and here are some odd but very effective remedies.

    High Enemas: – a regular enema washes out fecal matter from the area near the rectum, a high enema cleans out most of the colon.

    How to do a High Enema – Normally just distilled water is used. If you know your bowel to be irritated or spastic, a little catnip or lobelia can be added to the water to calm the bowel.

    Lie back and have another person introduce the water solution. The water should be between room temperature and body temperature. The first time or two put the water in slowly. After a while a point will be reached where you feel like you can’t take any more without losing control. Stop here and try to hold it for at least 5 minutes, better yet 10 or 15 minutes. If unable to hold a "fill-up" for up to 15 minutes, evacuate when needed and try again after relaxing for a time. Keep trying the same day or in successive days and you will come to a time when you can take in a full load of water and hold it while on your back for 15 minutes or more with relative ease.

    Now you can go one step further and roll over on your right side a few minutes after "filling up" and have the left side of your abdomen just below your ribcage massaged in an upward fashion.

    This massaging motion is an effort to get the enema higher by moving it into the transverse (going across) colon to the ascending colon on the right side of the abdomen. As you work on this and succeed, you will notice that the capacity for water intake will increase and, of course, how much later comes out.

    This enema procedure becomes easier and more beneficial to your feeling of well-being as you progress along with the raw foods, juicing and cleanse programs at the same time.

    After each enema for the day, finish with a retaining implant. This can consist of 8 ounces of Aloe Vera gel (best from fresh leaf rather than store-bought) and 8 ounces of distilled water. Another implant recipe would consist of 2 ounces of wheat grass juice and 14 ounces of water. You should also use your own judgment here: for instance, if there are tumors in the body, especially in the colon, 16 ounces of a mild chaparral tea is indicated, or red clover; for the heart, Hawthorne berry tea; for the liver, milk thistle tea; Echinacea root tea for general immune enhancement, etc.

    Hot Castor Oil Packs: These are the all-time champ for inducing detoxification by a topical application. Many of the natural healing masters relied on the use of castor oil.

    How to use: For use on the torso area, soak a piece of flannel that is folded over one time about 12 inches square. Put the caster oil soaked material on and cover with plastic. More than one spot can be applied at the same time. Put on a terry cloth robe and wrap tightly around the body. Take a heating pad and place on terry cloth area over the castor oil pack. TURN THE HEATING PAD ON TO ITS HIGHEST SETTING AND LEAVE ON ALL NIGHT. When the packs become stained with the colors of toxins being removed, change them for new packs. Be sure to cover your mattress, and other bedding that you don’t wish to become stained, you can use large garbage bag plastic for this.

    Wool flannel seems to be the only material that works with castor oil packs.

    Castor oil can be cleaned off of the skin by using paper towels to absorb most of the excess and then mix baking soda with liquid soap to clean up the rest.

    A partial list of conditions that castor oil packs can help remedy consists of:
    * all liver dysfunction
    * high cholesterol
    * lymphatic tumors and disorders
    * kidneys
    * scaring after surgery
    * lung congestion

    Best of health to you.


  • Rainbow Brite

    Wow sweetie I will have you on my prayers tonight!!


    I hate to say it, but I looked up the symptoms for colon cancer and you have all of them. There is always the chance that it could be something else. I will pray for you, that it’s not cancer.

  • While colon cancer may be more common in older people, it does not mean that you can’t get it when younger. Follow your doctor’s instructions and do all follow-ups, but try not to worry because it’s not a sure bet for cancer … could be something else, but they have to rule other things out first.

  • rtjos1953

    you could have colon cancer, yet think positively as the tumor could be benign. colon cancer does not choose just the elderly. you have taken the first step before too much time elapsed and have gone to the doctor. the colonoscopy will allow the doctor to see just where the tumor is it’s size, and they will most likely take a biopsy to diagnose whether it is cancerous or non cancerous. be brave and think positively. medicine has come along way in treating all diseases. you are in my prayers.

  • John P

    Don’t get worked up about this as it doesn’t necessarily have to be cancer and even if it is there’s every chance that it is benign. I know this is a really bad situation and your mind is running through a lot of different scenarios and mostly concentrating on the bad ones, but wait until you have the colonoscopy. Make sure that you’ve got people around you who you can talk to and who will give you a hug and be near you. Try not to be alone because you will just dwell on the bad things and that isn’t good. We always expect the worst but it doesn’t always turn out that way. I hope it all goes well.

  • Captleemo

    Its possible but I imagine that the colonoscopy will determine that. I believe that once you turn 50 your supposed to get a colonscopy as the chances of getting colon cancer are a lot greater at that age. Hopefully your tumor can be removed and is benign. Cancer treatment has come a long ways but you may not even have cancer. I hope everything turns out OK.

  • trustfaithope

    dont get panick yet when people hear tumor they say the C word it could be a benign tumor meaning its not cancerous now if it is malignant its cancerous we dont know which of the two it is yet so stay calm stress on a whole is not good. now you have to act whether its cancerous or not so try oxy-e its $19.95 per bottle you can just type oxy-e in your google bar and get some info plenty like yourself get a hold of that and RENE CAISSE herbal tea andare free of tumors hon they are safe to take with meds if and inhibits tumor growth be it benign or malignant go look it up now ok ps if you try oxy-e do the 10 to 15 drops three times per day therapuetic treatment it has no harmful side effects

  • J-bean

    miso soup and look up macrobiotic diet u can find books about it and the soup at a health food store

  • patti_felz

    It may be cancer but if it is do not think that is a one outcome situation. I have an uncle that was diagnosed with bowl cancer 5 years ago after haemoraging like you and he went through a resection and chemo and has been clear for over 3 years.

  • pauliwog13

    Unfortunately you could. Many people consider colon cancer a man’s or 50’s condition. Actually more women get this type of cancer than men but statistically more 50’s and older are at risk. I am currently battling stage 4 colorectal cancer and am making good progress with Avastin (taking in conjunction with chemotherapy) and something the nurses refer to as CPT, a newer drug. My tumors are shrinking and I have minimal side effects so there not only is hope for us all but there I see the whole process as a positive in my life!

  • David W

    Unfortunately coclon cancer can happen at almost any age.

    But don’t give up hope. Cures are available.

    This is an article worth reading for anyone who needs to be disabused of the belief that the orthodox cancer treatments with toxic chemo-"therapy" actually work. Since when is the destruction of one’s immune system with toxic chemo and radiation therapeutic? And how does cutiing out a part of the body solve a ‘whole-body’ problem? Something to ponder while reading the article.

    Take a look at the site below which explains many misunderstood things about the cancer industry, and has some natural cures too.


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