• aceofspd

    obviously that is total cholesterol, not ldl. Did you fast? Do you have very high cholesterol in the family? If you do, is there also death by heart attack? If not, do not worry about it. High cholesterol (not really cholesterol) has very little to do with heart disease. The proper diet includes eggs every day, plenty of red meat, watch your carb intake, take cod liver oil twice daily, plenty of B vitamins from food or supplements, cut stress, walk daily. Eat only real, natural food. Never, never let anybody talk you into taking drugs or going on a low fat diet. Eliminate all trans-fats and fake, rancid oils. Check my sources and email me if you need more or have questions.
    Pharmacist who’s life was almost ruined by Lipitor

  • subhuman1965

    Thats high for LDL, like way high. How’s your HDL? Really the ratios need to be examined as well. If your HDL is pretty low you need meds until you get it under control. 400+ is waaaaaay into the stroke range.

  • Dr. George

    At this levels yo uneed medication. You do a Lipidprofile, i.e. the sbfractions of cholesterol plus Triglycerides. Apart from medication (e.g. Atorvastatin 20-40 mg per day, and if Triglycerides are elevated add Fenofibrate or some other olecule that can reduce TG) diet (low fat diet0 and exercise. Also check yor Bloodsugar and also take an ECG to findout if there are any changes

  • you need to have a high-fiber or high residue diet. This will help in lowering your cholesterol.

  • Gordon C

    Your total blood cholesterol level is made up of two different things – the good cholesterol HDL and the bad cholesterol LDL. Looking at the total cholesterol level number gives you an idea of whether you might have problems but its also important to look at the HDL and LDL levels.

    If you have a high total and a high HDL then there is often no need to worry too much – particularly in a woman.

    If you have a high total and a low HDL or a high LDL then you may need to start on medication.

    Changing your diet and lifestyle can help lower your cholesterol a bit but a lot of it is down to genetics.

    You can read more about good and bad cholesterol here:
    Hope that helps


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