whats involved in getting a cholesterol check.also what are the symptoms if you do have a high cholesterol


  • Medical student class of 2008

    Cholesterol screening typically involves fasting for 8 hours (typically no food after midnight the day of) and having your blood drawn. High cholesterol like high blood pressure typically is asymptomatic. While high blood pressure can present as headaches at very high levels (200/110), it typically does not though. High cholesterol normally leads to other problems, most commonly heart disease as stroke. As the cholesterol sticks to the insides of your blood vessels the tissues downstream accumulte toxins and get low on oxygen. In the heart this causes a heart attack whereas in the brain this causes stroke.

    I hope this helps.

  • A blood test, Lipid panel is the test for cholesterol. There are no symptoms for high cholesterol so you don’t know until you start having cardiac problems.

  • firecracker

    it is just a blood test to check your cholesterol, i have very high choles..and my doc wants me on meds, i had an abnormal ekg and was in the hospital through yesterday from thurs….tests came back ok except for cholesterol levels, it is heredity though, i eat very healthy….just ask your doc to get a blood test for you….good luck!

  • Tim B

    Eat less animal fat such as cheese, eggs and meat.

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