Spider Veins and their Treatment

How To Get Rid Of Varicose Veins Naturally.


Spider veins are those small blue, red and purplish looking vessels that are very close to the surface of the skin. They often cause the individual embarrassment and some discomfort. More women than men are at risk of developing spider veins.

Risk factors are obesity, pregnancy, hormonal changes and standing or sitting for long periods of time. People who have a genetic history where they  have family members who  suffer from spider veins or varicose veins will also have a higher risk for developing the same  problem.

While you may be more interested in how to treat this condition than in how it developed, if you  learn how they develop then you are able to decrease the likelihood that you will develop more.

The top method for treating spider veins is a procedure called sclerotherapy.  A 23% saline solution with lidocaine and heparin are injected into the vein using a very small needle. The saline solution will cause the blood to clot and the veins to collapse. Within about two to six weeks the body will have reabsorbed the veins and they will be no longer visible either on ultrasound or to the naked eye.

Sclerotherapy is a safe procedure that is done in the doctor’s office. Once the procedure is finished the patient can use ibuprofen or Tylenol for discomfort and will be encouraged to remain active during the day. It is a very minimally invasive process that will allow the patient to return to their daily activities on the first day. Most Patients  find that their symptoms from the spider veins are reduced or eliminated quickly.  Individuals who suffer from multiple spider veins will require multiple office visits to remove all of the offending veins.

Another procedure used for spider veins is laser treatment. Laser treatments direct a variety of wavelengths to the veins. This thermal energy from the laser causes damage to the blood vessels. After this  they will clot and eventually be reabsorbed into the body.

Laser treatment is the preferred method of treatment for individuals who suffer from spider veins on the face. While this method is slightly more expensive than sclerotherapy, it  is completely pain-free and allows the individual the ability to go through one process or one procedure in order to rid themselves of all spider veins.

The choice in treatment for spider veins is between the patient and the Doctor. The Doctor will inform the patient of the different options, and help them to make a decision that is  based on their overall general health, the position of the spider veins and the number of treatments they think will be necessary in order to successfully treat the condition.

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Review of Mind Secrets Exposed

I am no stranger to self-help books. I’ve read dozens of them over the past few years and I’ve come to same conclusion most of you have – they don’t really work.

Well, that’s not quite true. There are some shining gems that actually give what they promise and actually provide quality content.

Mind Secrets Exposed is one of those few examples of a great self-help book that actually delivers on its promise.

Greg Frost is the brains behind Mind Secrets Exposed and his latest offering focuses on the enhancing the power of the mind so that it can accomplish great things. Mind Secrets Exposed is a comprehensive guide on harnessing the power of the mind and tapping into its hidden potential and channeling it into success and happiness.

With Mind Secrets Exposed, readers are promised the ability to gain success, wealth, happiness, peace and anything else they would like to accomplish or have. I am glad to say that it doesn’t disappoint. Mind Secrets Exposed comes in two formats – an e-book and an audiobook, the standard for self-help books.

The book is written in a personal and casual manner, such that even the most novice of readers can grasp the concepts easily. Each chapter ends with action steps that provide tips and advice on implementing the chapter’s lessons into the reader’s daily life. These action steps are a welcome addition to the book, as it provides impetus and direction for the reader to take action – this way, the lessons in the book become more than just words and concepts and is turned into actual results.

Mind Secrets Exposed does not provide a quick and dirty scheme for becoming a better person – those books generally deal in myth and are typically not worth your money. Instead, Mind Secrets Exposed can turn you in a better person and a success machine with some investment in time and effort.

Beyond the book itself, Greg Frost has also included Quick Wealth System, which is a fast and easy training program on creating wealth in your life and a monthly newsletter that provides even more content dealing with success, the workings of the brain as well as a motivational and success coaching program.

The monthly newsletter, known as Success Monthly, is another highlight of Mind Secrets Exposed. It is a comprehensive guide on success, motivation and becoming an achiever and its articles and videos cover a wide range of topics that self-help enthusiasts will find incredibly useful. Probably the best feature of Success Monthly is a coaching program that aims to harness and improve your ability to achieve success and greatness. The coaching program is a great addition and supplement to the book itself, adding a more immediate and constant guide for readers who want to accomplish their goals.

Success Monthly is offered via a monthly membership scheme, but the first month is free for anyone who buys Mind Secrets Exposed. While paying a monthly fee might sound like too much of an investment for some, the content provided in the first month is enough to convince me to maintain my membership.

All in all, Mind Secrets Exposed is a fantastic addition to any library and is a must-read for anyone who is interested in unlocking the mind’s full potential. The book promises to turn you into an achiever and a person capable of accomplishing anything and it delivers on that promise in spades.

I heartily recommend this book and it’s a great investment – don’t lose out on your chance to join the ranks of the elite!

Baldness Solutions To End The Hair Raising Story Of Hair Loss

Hair is a striking feature of human body. Hair loss, especially by female/male pattern baldness is matter of great concern. Pattern baldness is particularly is very troubling condition. In this type of baldness the hair is regularly lost at both the temples and at top of the skull. At last the person is left with a horseshoe pattern in the head.

Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is the chief devil that causes hair loss. With age one suffers from this disorder by acquiring the genetic predisposition and presence of male hormones. Contrary to the common perception, hereditary baldness is not a must in each generation. However, if one’s father is completely bald and one loses hair at an early stage, then he is said to be in male pattern baldness due to alopecia and 95% of complete baldness occurs by alopecia.

Excess amount of male hormone also causes hair loss. Besides, stress, improper nutrition and pollution together accelerate the baldness. One under stress will loss hair at double the speed of a normal human.

Taking dietary supplement and/or external application of cosmetics is fruitless to stop baldness. Fortunately, there are several baldness solutions, the most popular ones being hair transplantation surgery, scalp reduction surgery and scalp flap surgery.

There is no such thing as true hair transplant. Surgeons replace the bald area from some other hair-healthy area of the head. Hence, the name hair replacement transplant. Hair transplant works when there is enough donor hairs. Victims of female/male pattern balding are the best candidates for hair transplant. If you still have hair growing anywhere around the scalp flaps hair transplantation can be easy and effective.

Scalp reduction surgery is a popular balding solution to cure the baldness caused by flaking scalps. It can be done in conjunction with hair transplants and involves surgically removing of a portion of the balding area, which causes the bald spot to be smaller. This means that there are fewer areas to graft to the head during a hair transplant.

Scalp flap is an invasive procedure that involves surgically removing a portion of healthy scalp and hair from the back or sides of the head and transplanting it on the bald areas. This creates a new hairline for the males who suffer from male pattern baldness. Scalp flaps are usually performed on patients who have complete balding in the front area of the scalp. Those candidates whose hair is just beginning to thin or is thinning in patches in random areas spanning the head may want to choose a different type of treatment.



Wealth and happiness actually has a blueprint

It’s true.

Wealth and happiness actually does have a blueprint that you can follow.

For most of us, getting what we want seems like a mysterious process that we can never figure out.

But there are strategies and techniques you can follow… laws of the universe that will lead you to where you want to go, and they work every time.

But first you have to know how to clear your subconscious of all the past garbage and lies that other people put in there throughout your
life, usually without your consent or knowledge.

This video tells you more:

Most of us aren’t aware of it, but our subconscious mind is being activated and reprogrammed all the time.

Your subconscious makes no value judgements. It takes whatever your conscious mind puts into it, and runs with it.

So you need to be really careful what you feed to your subconscious. If you’re in a constant negative mindset, then that’s what you get
in your life.

If you know how to program your mind properly, then you can get exactly what you want in life, whether it’s wealth, romance, good relationships,
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Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0  gives you the power to unlocking the true, limitless potential of your mind, and can transform just about any
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You now have the chance to achieve
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* Success Attraction
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* Subconscious Mind Healings
* And much more…

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Turmeric -the latest health craze


It is not made of gold, but it might as well be, given the raising popularity of “Golden milk” or a turmeric latte – a mixture of nut milk and juiced turmeric root – this is the drink of choice in 2016’s .
According to Google, searches for the spice turmeric increased by 56% from November 2015 to January 2016.

turmeric latt   Searches for the words “golden milk” is      among the top online searches associated      with the spice and Turmeric lattes are    now  being sold at cafes from Sydney to  San  Francisco and its popularity drink is  also  gaining in the UK.




Now lets get real…. it seems a little odd.

Turmeric is mostly known as a curry ingredient that leaves yellow stains everywhere even appliances and fingernails.
I grew up in Uganda where my father worked as a vet. Uganda had a large Asian population and my early memories are always conjured up with the smell of coconut oil that they used to use on their hair and turmeric that they used in their curry.

Now years later the west is wakening up to the benefits of this spice!

After ghee, homemade yogurt and coconut oil, turmeric is the latest health-food trend to originate from the south Asian pantry.
Turmeric and milk is a common drink in the Asian food culture, where it is used as a restorative. Turmeric is also part of Ayurvedic medicine –which is a holistic,all-natural approach to health that has been practiced in India for centuries.

Then of course it is a spice that has been used in curries and rice dishes for centuries also.
If we snoop around a south Asian recipe website like Khana Pakana, we will see that they describe a turmeric-and-milk combination, haldi doodh, as a drink women consume to lighten their skin. They also advocate turmeric spice to help with everything from cancer to a cough, and can be given to children with a fever.
Turmeric is promoted for its health benefits – it is as an anti-inflammatory and can be used as an alternative to Coffee.

I take 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric in my hot water and lemon drink in the morning. A quarter teaspoon is as much as I can take as I find it quite strong so I am not sure I am at the turmeric latte stage quite yet!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Turmeric and how you can use this spice in your daily diet then take a look here where the top ten benefits of turmeric are listed and you can get recipes that include this spice


Review of “Dentist be Dammed” Program

The ‘Dentist Be Damned!’ program is a 80-pages eBook protocol that teaches readers everything they need to know about reversing teeth cavities and gum diseases. It also teaches you what you can do to prevent them from ever happening again. There are many benefits available by following this innovative and effective protocol.

• No more costly dental treatments and checkups. This will help them save thousands in dental bills for you and your family.
• No more drills, no more pain. You don’t need to ever sit in that awful, claustrophobic dental chair ever again!

Alice Barnes has a deathly fear of the dentists. She was so terrified of them, that she would suffer from panic attacks as a result of just thinking about going there. One day, she began to wonder why her friend Brad still suffered from multiple tooth cavities despite brushing and flossing his teeth regularly using the most expensive toothpaste, as recommended by his dentist, as part of a very strict oral-hygiene routine.

“Why and how is this possible?”, she wondered. And from there she began her research and studies. Finally, after years of researching, she has found the answer. She experimented and conducted clinical trials with positive results, which empowered her to author this program.

Now what makes this program so unique and promising?

This program isn’t some ordinary book that instructs you to ‘brush your teeth twice a day, and floss regularly’. Instead, it teaches you the knowledge that dentists will never impart to their patients, as it would only hamper their business profits.

For instance, have you ever heard of remineralization and demineralization? My dentist definitely didn’t tell me about it. To put it simply, remineralization is the process where the teeth’s enamel ‘repairs’ itself to its original strengthened state. Demineralization, as you can expect, is the opposite. This is one of the reasons why you are still suffering from cavities, despite taking the best care of your oral health. This is one of the main topics that the program will educate you: what causes it, how to counter it, and the list of tips that can assist you in doing so effectively.

One thing that fascinated me the most is the possibility of reversing your tooth decay. Since most people do not know it is possible to reverse it, dentists would usually just tell them that they have a cavity that needs to be drilled and filled. To put it in other words, dentists will profit from patient’s ignorance; taking advantage of secret knowledge they have.

The author elucidates on her theme and discusses several other toothcare related issues. These include the necessity of fluoridated water. Is it as beneficial as health officials claim, or should it be banned as some anti-flouride activists have argued? Alice brings a very shocking perspective to this widely controversial subject. Her arguments can’t be found on YouTube videos or articles being blogged online, since her work is brand new to the market!

Alice touches upon empowering the layman to understand the ingredients used in their dental products. This includes differentiating those which actually are helpful, and those which are toxic. Many ingredients are highly controversial, due to increasing reports and findings that they can cause oral cancer and health deterioration. She revels the one ingredient that is added to almost every dental product. It has been found that cavity-causing bacteria can utilize this ingredient as an energy source to multiply quickly and cause cavities at a rapid rate. Scientifically backed experiments and trials have confirmed the results, however, the media and public aren’t yet aware of it.

Packed with other interesting topics, you will read the answers to common questions, such as “is flossing really necessary?”, “why do cavemen have perfect teeth?”, and many more ideas such as the truth behind water fluorosis.
Having seen optimum positive results in clinical trials, Alice is confident that her program will work for you and you will be amazed by the wealth of knowledge you’ll learn. In fact, she’s so confident in her product that she is offering a 60-day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with it in any way. Simply return within 60 days for a full refund with no questions asked if you do not find the answers you’re looking for inside the Dentist Be Damned! Program.

For the incredibly high value introductory price of just $47.00, you will get the main program and 2 bonuses: How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Forever, and How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores.

You can now finally get that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamt of and a perfect oral health with thousands of dollars saved from unwanted dental bills. And, of course, you will never again need to sit in that constrictive dental chair!

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Vegetarian weight loss



We all know that Obesity is a growing problem. Two thirds of Americans and the UK population are overweight. More and more people are searching for a natural weight loss options and a vegetarian weight loss program will fit that bill.

The commercial market is flooded with diet supplements and weight loss programs. My belief is that natural options are the safest way to shed pounds. Dieticians and nutritionists also recommend natural weight loss diets to people who are health conscious. The reason for this is that  natural options do not advocate  using chemicals or supplements to try and speed up metabolism or reduce your appetite. They rely on natural products, such as fiber, to do the same things.

People who eat a diet of raw fruits and vegetables to achieve weight loss are less prone to heart disease, strokes and cancer. Vegetarian weight loss programs canalso be structured using a point system so that vegetables are a “0”, fruits are between 1-3 points and nuts and seeds have higher ranking because they are higher in calories and fats.

If you desire  a lean healthy body then you  must include a regular intake of water, the correct foods and regular exercise. Just Like  any other program large helpings of high-fat protein  such as peanut butter, nuts and cheese can cause vegetarians to actually gain weight.

Instead of using peanut butter or nuts as your hunger snacks, use whole grain snacks, fruit and also vegetables during the day. Using a vegetarian weight loss program or any program for that matter does not ensure automatic weight loss and a good idea is to  Keep a written record of everything you eat during the day. This will highlight your eating habits and triggers that send you to the fridge!

Keeping a watch on everything that isn’t raw fruit and vegetables is key.


Make sure you plan your meal choices during the day as last minute choices are usually higher in calories. The chips, cookies, power bars and candy, although they do not contain meat, they are higher in calories, sugar and fats. Use a daily multi-vitamin to fill in the gaps.

There are also convenience foods that are sold in grocery stores that will fit in with a vegetarian weight loss program. Check out your health food store and watch the calories, sugars, fats and oils in the products. At all costs do not resort to junk foods. When you are stuck then  apples and bananas are convenient foods which are filling and full of good nutrition.

A good idea is to put together pre-made bags of your own unique trail mix. You can Include almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for a  yummy healthy nutritious snack. Try your best  to eat only raw and organic nuts and seeds for the best flavor and fuel.

Personally I love this kind of diet and so have no problems being persuaded!


Preparation of your vegetarian weight loss program can really be just as important as the foods you eat. …..Remember that.

Many Grocers now sell vegetarian burgers that can easily be microwaved as opposed to being fried. Frying foods is as dangerous as eating meats because of the increase in animal fats and the processing that vegetable oils and lard go through to make them palatable. You can of course use olive oil if you really want to fry.

In my experience I never fry food I try to eat as much raw foods as possible as this helps the digestive system.

Vegetarian weight loss is a very healthy and natural weight loss option to add to your weight loss arsenal. If you done this right you’ll see some fast weight loss initially and you will also feel better and have more energy.

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Running Good for your Health?


People who want to start running are looking for the reasons why running is good for your health. Runners also want confirmation that running, amid some of the bad press that  surrounds different sports, really isn’t as bad as the press  makes it out to be.

So what is the truth?

The truth is  that running can be good and running can be bad for your health.

Knowing the good and the bad of running will help you  prevent what is bad  and revel in the good.


Let’s start with the aspects about running that are good, in fact really good for your health.

Firstly running reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease. This  is the number one killer of women.

In the Nurses Health Study conducted  between Harvard Medical School and Brigham the Women’s Hospital researchers found that women who were most active had a heart attack rate that was 44% less than  women who were sedentary. (1)

Running has other good effects on the risk of cardiovascular disease. These include strengthening the heart muscle, reducing the risk of clots , preventing the hardening of  arteries, lowering triglycerides and cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol. HDL is the good cholesterol

Research published by Dr. Williams at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California found that the runners who enjoyed high mileage weeks had the highest effect on raising the HDL while those who concentrated on speed work had the effect on lowering their triglycerides. (2)

Running also reduces a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. This a happens as a result of the heart muscle becoming stronger and the less hardening of the arteries which causes high blood pressure.

Most good cardiovascular exercises  like running, reduce the risk of stroke which is the second leading killer of women. The risk of stroke is reduced by the  lower blood pressure and a strong cardiovascular system. Studies have also shown that physical activity will lower the risk of breast cancer.  A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that those who were most active had a 37% lower risk of breast cancer compared to the group of women who are sedentary.

Physical exercise also improves the immune system. Researchers have found higher levels of lymphocytes in the blood during and after exercise. These are white blood cells that attack disease. It appears that these cells multiply  during physical activity to protect the body. This effect can also be negative  when the runner does a  high mileage, such as in a marathon.  The lymphocytes are depleted after these activities and this can leave the athlete open to viral infections

Running and other physical activities help diabetics to  control their blood sugar, and also keeps the intestinal tract running regularly. Running enhances and strengthens your respiratory system and also helps to ease menstrual and post menopausal symptoms. lastly Running  helps  prevent bone loss associated with age and so protects against osteoporosis.

As you can see there are many reasons that running is good for your health however there are several things that may have a negative impact on your health as well.

Lets get something clear running does not have to be  bad knees, torn cartilage and ripped tendons. If you run to stay fit, say about 30 minutes several times each week, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

On the other hand, when you push your body beyond these limits you are heading for performance and performance is more than just fitness, it pushes you body to the limit. This pushing your body can result in damaged cartilage, torn tendons and  will potentially increases your risk of arthritis.

Of course Knowing these risks will help you  prevent the damage by protecting your joints through doing stretches and strengthening those muscles that support the ankle, knee and hip joints. It is very important that You  listen to your body and when it is telling you it has had enough then listen to what your body is saying and don’t push. It can be fun to run a couple of 10K races but unless your aspirations and talents, have you heading towards the Olympics then choosing fitness may be your best option.

If you  are looking for some advice on how to start your running program….There’s a running program out there now that can help…

The guy who put this fantastic running program for beginners together is an experienced personal trainer from the UK called Jago Holmes and you can find out all about his training program for beginners here.



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Could there be a Cure for Diabetes?


Is a cure for Diabetes Mellitus now a reality?

Let us look a little deeper….

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that affects more than  17 million people in the United States alone. The condition can lead to  complications that range from blindness to kidney problems,cardiovascular disease and stroke.If you are reading this article then you may have Diabetes or have a person in your family who has this condition. If that is the case then you probably already know that.

If you have been doing your own research then you will have come across researchers, scammers, holistic  physicians and well meaning doctors who have all claimed to have found  a cure for diabetes.

I am going to tell you the truth.

With good lifestyle choices, nutritional intake and exercise most people who experience pre-diabetic symptoms may go through the rest of their lives without ever suffering diabetes.

However, many who have Type 2 diabetes are not able to make the necessary changes and choices that cease their life-long poor choices.

That is Type 2 which usually appears in adulthood.

With Type 1 it is a different story…..
Those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes get this condition because the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin have completely shut down. These cells are called the islet cell as they resemble little clusters of cells in the pancreas.

The thing is that no scientist has discovered the reason why this happens .Why does the immune system of the body attack and destroy these cells in the Pancreas.

Some theories maintain that the lack of insulin production is a result of an immune response in the body to some environmental trigger, such as a toxin or virus. The question still remains and no definitive cause for Type-1 diabetes has been identified. Of course once the cause of Diabetes is discovered then it opens the path to find a cure.

Finding a cure for diabetes requires that the cure also addresses the reason behind the diabetes. So, the jury is now out on whether some of the promising research has indeed found a cure. If a cure was discovered for type 1 Diabetes this would mean less of a financial burden on both families and insurance companies and of course better health for the millions of Americans and people around the world who suffer from this chronic condition

Having blood sugar control is a daily struggle that involves insulin, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Diabetics have two choices – cure or better control. At this present time there are several avenues being pursued for a cure for diabetes mellitus.

Pancreatic transplantation
Islet cell transplantation
Artificial pancreas
Genetic manipulation
Each has its own challenges, including prevention of immune rejection.  Only one has had significant results in initial trials of Diabetics with type 1 diabetes. (1,2)

There have been seven out of seven successful islet cell transplantations done that have been producing insulin for greater than 1 year. And  this has been nothing short of a miracle and has given hope to type  1  Diabetics. This new procedure was researched and  designed by Dr. James Shapiro at the University of Alberta and is known as the Edmonton procedure. It is a non-steroid combination of three drugs that will prevent rejection of the transplanted cells – and also appears to prevent the autoimmune diabetes from returning.

Seven patients were surgically implanted with the new islet cells  and then given the combination of medications. Seven have remained successfully producing insulin with indication that the original autoimmune problem with the pancreas is not returning.

Dr. Ray Rajotte, a veteran islet cell transplant research member, and his team are teaching other medical teams the Edmonton procedure around the world. Clinical trials are now beginning in the US and Europe. If you are interested in the clinical trials that are being planned in the U.S. contact the Immune Tolerance Network through their website (immunetolerance.org). A cure for diabetes mellitus could now be a reality and also appears to be just around the corner for type 1 diabetics.

Lets talk about type 2.

Sixty five percent of people with Type 2 diabetes do not really understand their blood test readings and consequently do not realse what having their blood sugar under control really means to their long-term health. For many type 2 diabetics, they believe that once their sugar is ‘under control’ they have achieved a cure and so no longer require medication, lifestyle changes, or any changes to their nutritional intake….this is a big mistake.

These assumptions are not only not true but will result in people who suffer the long-term affects that will negatively impact their lives for years. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that a person who has their blood sugar at normal levels one day can find their sugar level too high the next and so consistent control is just not there.

There are ways to adjust your diet that will reduce the need for medication and even totally eliminate the need after some months or year. If you are type 2 then it is worth your while to research ways of adjusting your diet and lifestyle  and be Diabetes free.


Reverse Your Diabetes Today  by Matt Traverso gives you instant, online access to a simple, step-by-step system in which Matt teaches you his powerful secrets, techniques, and unique treatment approach for quickly and easily eliminating pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes in as little as 21 days.

The easy to implement concepts and techniques taught in the Reverse Your Diabetes Today system use simple, but highly effective diet and lifestyle changes to cleanse your body from harmful acids and heal your pancreas, allowing it to produce and regulate insulin naturally again.




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Weightloss Hypnosis


Hypnosis is another piece of ammunition in the arsenal of weight loss options available. The number of people who are overweight and obese is expanding each year. Nutritionists and researchers believe that some of the increasing size of the American population is related to the standard Western diet that is mostly fats, oils and sugars.

The goal of weight loss hypnosis is to reprogram the mind so that a person can ‘effortlessly’ lose weight without hunger pangs and cravings. Hypnotists are capitalizing on the very thing that defeats our weight loss efforts – our minds. (1)

Psychologists tell us that most weight problems, in fact many of our difficulties in life, come from our subconscious mind and how we think about food. How we are brought up and our relationship to food impacts our ability to successfully lose weight. (2)

Some children are brought up in the ‘clean plate club’ whether you are hungry or not. This is a dangerous habit to instill in children because it follows them through adulthood, when cleaning up a plate that was over filled at the start will only encourage weight gain.

People have relationships with the food they eat and crave. Hypnotists work under the theory that hypnosis will break the pattern of eating which results when we are stressed out, happy, celebrating, sad or other emotions that can trigger eating. It is one reason we call it ‘comfort food’.

Weight loss hypnosis claims that hypnotists can help to reprogram your brain so that the impossible is more possible and you no longer have attachments to food. Hypnosis is not the final answer in the battle for weight loss, but hypnotists believe that it can be a huge tool in the fight.

It is used in the same manner as positive affirmations to make you more self-confident and in control of your food choices. A hypnotist can be expensive but CD’s are also sold that claim the same effectiveness and are much more convenient.

The basis behind hypnosis in the war against obesity is to open up the mind of the client so it is more receptive to suggestions. The suggestions are made to a person when they are in an altered state of consciousness. The scientific community also believes that people are able to achieve weight loss through hypnosis.

Weight loss hypnosis is based on two basic tenets:

*To help clients understand that permanent weight loss is based on a change eating habits. They stress that with a change you should feel less deprived than if you are strictly “dieting”.

*To think of food less. When people are dieting they can obsess on their potential weight loss and their next meal. If, instead, people are concentrating on one simple change to their nutritional habits, one change at a time, they are more likely to make the change and less likely to feel deprived.

Hypnosis has been shown to have success with people who have a willingness to open their minds and relinquish control to practitioners. Although most people can be hypnotized if they wish, not all people want this experience. (1)

And, it is important to note that hypnosis will not be able to make a person do something they would not ordinarily morally and ethically consider. For instance, a person who would not ordinarily commit murder or embezzlement would not be able to made to under hypnosis. However, since weight loss and eating habit changes are the goals, hypnosis is often the added boost that helps the program to be successful.

With the necessary nutritional changes and added exercise you are well on your way to weight loss!

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