can you really lose weight from getting your colon cleansed and how much does it cost???


  • edje_of_life

    Yes, you can lose weight from a good colon cleansing. A good cleansing program can run anywhere from $20 to $80. I wouldn’t recommend getting a "Colonic", since that only treats one aspect of cleansing and detoxification. A total body cleansing is what’s best, and you won’t usually gain that weight back. Unless you go back to eating fast foods and other junk.

    You’ll be surprised to know that people can have up to 40 pounds of fecal matter in their colon. Now, would you rather walk around with all that waste in your body or have it flushing down the toilet? Most of the others on here that attempted to answer your question don’t even have an idea of what they’re talking about when it comes to colon cleansing.

    There are multiple benefits of following a proper colon-cleansing program, and although many of them can be achieved in most people by long term changes in diet, a person can achieve them more rapidly by adopting a structured colon-cleansing program.

    The benefits of a colon cleanse include:

    Better Digestion Efficiency – because the colon is not clogged up, there is improved transit time for the foods you have eaten. Also, the digestive system can fully absorb the nutrients and water from the food ingested.

    Improved Energy and Stamina – because our body is not wasting energy in fighting potential bacterium, parasites and eliminating toxins, the energy can be used by our body for other activities such as sports.

    Clear Mind – headaches caused by the toxins released from the colon can be alleviated, so we can better concentrate on the tasks at hand.

    Better complexion and skin condition – the elimination of toxins allows our skin to become healthier. Also, acne can be reduced.

    Better overall health – with the elimination of any build up of waste, we are less prone to illnesses and disease and we will have a lighter feeling in our colon as well.

    Helps relieve constipation – constipation is a condition that can be very annoying and painful. Knowing that you won’t have any problems with constipation anymore would be a great reason to start a colon cleansing program.

    Removing parasites from your body – without parasites, your body is able to get the full potential from food eaten, and this can also lead to a reduction in the amount of toxins released by parasites. So, the nutrients we give to our body no longer have to be shared with parasites leaving us feeling much better and full of energy.

    Potentially protection from other medical conditions – colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in America. One of the main contributing factors in colon cancer is a diet that is rich in high fat foods. Cleaning the colon can remove the waste residue from the colon and help improve colon functionality and health.

    You can learn more about natural methods to detox and cleanse your body at

  • Dustin K

    It’s possible to lose weight, but don’t expect miracles. A healthy diet and exercise is the ABSOLUTELY BEST way to stay healthy.

    I would advise giving it a try, and seeing how it works for you. It’ll run you about $60-100 (yikes! I know) a session, but try one and then if you like it you can usually get a package deal that will make it more like $40 a session.

  • "colon cleansing" makes people lose weight the same way diarrhea does: dehydration. If you poop out several liters of water, you’ve "lost" that weight. You’ll hop on the scale afterwards and be 5-10 pounds lighter. You’ll probably also feel like crap and be dizzy since you’ve lost a lot of fluid. However, once you start drinking and behaving like a sane person again, you will gain back that weight as your body replenishes your water supplies.

    "Colon cleansing" is not healthy and is not a way to lose the weight you are actually interested in losing, ie the fat.

  • suellenh

    Gross. All you’d be losing in weight is what the contents of your colon weighs. Want the expense and indignity of that? Eat healthy and exercise – you’ll feel better overall.

  • Donnie Mac

    I’m doing it Tuesday, I’ll let you know.

  • Dr Shu

    TummyTrimm can help you to improve your health as well as to reduce your weight especially your tummy! As an average person can is able to accumulate up to 6kgs of the encrustation in their colon, TummyTrimm will help you to remove the encrustation

  • Anthony

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