can you inherit cholesterol?

can you inherit cholesterol like if your family member has high cholesterol can you get high cholesterol from your parents??


  • Momma Knows

    The tendency for a high cholesterol levels can be both genetic and through your lifestyle.

    Most people’s cholesterol are high due to their diets and lack of exercise. Eating the wrong foods, not looking for hidden fats and being sedentary contribute more then genetics.

    However, if someone religiously watches their diet and gets plenty of exercise then it could be caused by genetics.

    If you suspect that it may be generic, don’t just look at your parents levels, find out if your grand parents, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters have cholesterol issues.

    Even if your levels look fine right now but you have a parent who has cholesterol problems, start watching your diet and get up from the tv and exercise.

  • sstubbs30

    Supposedly, yes.

  • gynodoc

    according to the tv adds genetics account for part of your cholesterol levels, but lipitor may not be right for you see your doctor, then there’s a list of side affects that make you want to keep your cholesterol and skip the pills!

  • YUP!

    My parents have high chol, and my chol is a little on the border of high.

  • mamabear

    Yes–there’s even a TV commercial about that.

    If high cholesterol runs in your family, it’s even more important for you to get a lot of exercise, and eat fat-free foods. It’s best if you don’t smoke (though I’m not sure why that has to do with it).

    I have high cholesterol–but my parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. were never tested for it–so I have no way of knowing if I inherited it–or just got it all from not living a healthy enough lifestyle in the past.

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