Can this be thyroid condition? Please help.?

okay so this first part has nothing to do with the thyroid i have VERY low iron and vitamin D the doctor gave me vitamins okay, well i started to get this purple blobs on my legs it turns on my blood vessels were busting, and i have some kind of blood germ he gave me antibiotics. a couple months back my thyroid levels were a bit low he thought that was normal but now there a bit lower so his sending me to a specialist.
im always tired im 15 and wright 194 pounds ive tried EVERYTHING i cant loose weight i run and workout about 6 days a week (am in Jr. ROTC drill team i have practice monday thur saturday) my legs get swollen and feel heavy. i get really bad migraines. Once again my legs have gotten so bad ive woke up crying from the pain im not a lazy person and know i just like to lay down and take naps its hard to make it thur practice everyday. Whats going on with me, ive never been SKINNY but never this big and it sucks i try everything and cant loose it.

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