Can Cholesterol Levels Be Too Low?

I have always heard that 150 is a good number for total cholesterol.
I don’t know any ratios of mine, but my total cholesterol is 101. Is this low? IS there any risks associated with low cholesterol levels, or is it the lower the better?? I am a 22 yo female.


  • Susan Yarrawonga

    Cholesterol levels can never be too low unless your body’s cholesterol synthesizing system is malfunctioning.

    Our bodies synthesize cholesterol as we need a minimum amount to perform various functions, so even if you get no cholesterol from food (and vegans don’t as they consume no animal products whatever, not even dairy products or eggs) you will still get enough cholesterol. In theory a cholesterol deficiency is impossible but due to a malfunctioning synthesis system perhaps it is possible.

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  • Doctor J

    Yes! Cholesterol can be too low! Cholesterol is a VITAL molecule used by the body to:

    1) make steroid hormones (stress and sex hormones),

    2) make vitamin D,

    3) regulate and control cell membrane fluidity, and therefore, cell function.

    A large medical research trial was recently stopped prematurely because patients were dying from the treatment! The treatment included dramatic reductions in LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

    Other medical research has shown that elderly people with "elevated" cholesterol levels live LONGER than elderly with low to moderate levels.

    Best wishes and good luck.

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