Breast Calcifications…What are they? Any natural Remedy for them?

What are breast calcifications and what can be done about them? Does anyone know of a natural herbal or health remedy that can take care of them.


  • Rhianna (did something stupid)

    Breast calcifications are basically tiny areas of calcium in the breast, usually detected on a mammogram. They are very common, you can’t usually feel it. There are two types, mAcro-calcifications and mIcro-calcification.

    M(a)cro-calcification is a natural result of breast ageing. It is coarse calcium deposits. 50% of women aged >50 have them. Some young women do too.

    Contrary to what the alties tell you, dietary calcium (or lack of) does NOT cause calcifications. Macro -calcifications are quite harmless, are not related to any risk of cancer and do not require treatment.

    M(i)cro-calcifications are tiny calcium deposits which are usually found in a part of the breast where the cells are being replaced at a faster rate than usual. These small deposits are not usually cancerous but in a small minority of cases it can be the sign of pre‑cancerous changes in the breast. If m(i)cro-calcifications are found you do need a close up scan and perhaps a biospy.

    No treatment is generally required. If treatment is required because you have pre-cancerous cells, the Doctor will tell you the best course of action. Cancer is quite complex and AltMed has nothing to offer.

  • lo_mcg

    Rhianna’s answer is excellent; I was going to answer this myself but Rhianna has explained it more clearly and in far greater detail than I could hope to.

    I notice that the two brave people who gave her a thumbs down haven’t answered the question themselves; I’d be prepared to bet hard cash that they no absolutely nothing about breast calcification, and that their thumbs downing is purely personal. How petty.

    Please listen to what Rhianna has said; she knows what she’s talking about.

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