Bipolar or PMDD? Natural Remedies?

How do you know if you have PMDD or bi polar disorder? I’ve assumed I suffer from PMDD but after reading that it should ease up for like 10 days a month I’m thinking I am wrong.

Here are SOME of my symptoms. The past 2 days I’ve been happy and loving and talking a million miles an hour, and I want to do this and do that. BUT my mood SWINGS like you woulnd’t believe. I snap and snap often with rage and anger. I snapped this morning and then an hour later I was a sweet loving wife again.

I can tell when I’m having my "good times" and "bad times". About 8 days ago I was so out of control I got myself kicked out of an online sewing group and went out in a blaze of nasty emails and curse words.

I’ve read that people who are bipolar have mood swings that are UP or DOWN that last for a few months at a time, but my mood swings can last hours or days or weeks…

When I’m on birth control I feel "normal" and steady but I have no sex drive. My moods are getting HORRIBLE and worse. My husband got "fixed" last year so I’ve been of bc for a year and it’s been all going downhill.

I do my best for my kids, but I want them to have a calm sweet mom, not this impatient woman who can’t wait to get to her room and close her door.

Does anyone know what’s wrong with me??? Are there any SAFE NATURAL things I could try? I’m getting my sunshine, trying to sleep but some nights I just can’t. I just want to be normal.

I did see shrinks when I was 18 due to a suicide attempt. They would prescribe pills but my head would just pound, like I could feel exactly what part of my brain they were effecting. I stopped taking them. Then I got happy. I’ve been up and down & again just assumed I have PMDD and I gotta live with it.

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