Bias against the natural approach to health?

Why do you think the medical community has an axe to grind against the natural approach to health?

(herbal remedies, holistic pracitioners, midwives etc)

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  • Luvin3ninos

    Because they have no ways to cash in on it.
    That’s also why we hear the health care community condemning natural alternatives as being ‘unsafe’ in order to make what they do and the drugs they push look better.
    And it’s sad how too many people fall for their antics and actually join in on tooting that biased horn.
    Natural remedies and methods are much safer than any medical intervention or prescription drug on the market.
    It’s very unfortunate b/c they claim to care for our health, yet money is much more important.

  • sybil_the_soothsayer

    Money honey! They want it all. Also, it is threatening to them because people might realize that they don’t need all these drugs.

  • carole

    Because they don’t make money from it. Malpractice insurance covers an MD that follows the rules – i.e. prescribes medications that have been approved by the FDA (which includes payment to the FDA). The pharmaceutical industry only wants their products prescribed, and they lobby to make it so. The doctors barely have time to see their patients and don’t have time to learn alternative medicine very often – and due to the variance in quality of supplements, etc. can not trust their patients to get and use the right kind.

    I know the medical community wants to couch this argument in "it’s not safe for people to self medicate with supplements" or "the public is not qualified to make medical decisions without education they approve of", but really – this life is meant to be lived by individuals and we are not the property of the medical community to care for. I personally stay away from the medical community except for emergencies and I am very, very happy with my health and the health of my family.

    In America, freedom is the goal – and for many of us, that means managing our own health and our own education. The medical community sees themselves losing patients each year and they are working hard to stop that.


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