Beyoncé skin lightening – how did she do it?

Since Beyoncé made her first appearance in the public eye, several years ago, her skin has become increasingly lighter in colour. No, this is not something that would occur naturally with age, it can only be the result of skin bleaching. While she has not admitted the use of skin whitening substances, and it is not known precisely how she has achieved this dramatic change in colour, there are actually several methods that you could try if you want similar results.
Skin whitening creams are widely believed to be responsible for the singer’s considerable change in colour. These contain substances that bleach the skin by reacting to reduce the amount of melanin that is present. Melanin is the pigment that produces colour in both hair and skin – the more of it that is present, the darker the colour will be. By applying a skin whitening cream to reduce the melanin, a paler skin colour will be produced. If this is something that you are looking into, then choose a cream that has active ingredients derived from natural sources if possible, and avoid any that list mercury as an ingredient.
It is also possible to lighten the skin by using a range of natural substances, which will be kinder to the body. However, these will take longer to produce results, so you will need to be patient and keep using the products. Lemon juice is one of the most popular substances as it is so readily available. It must be freshly squeezed lemon juice in order to be effective, rather than one that is full of preservatives. You can use the juice in two main ways – either dab it directly onto the skin, or mix with honey into a face mask and apply. Using the juice alone should produce results faster, but it can dry out the skin and is also likely to produce a stinging sensation. The honey acts as a moisturiser.
Tea tree oil can also have a lightening effect on the skin, but this is most suitable for eliminating suntans. If you are dark skinned but also tanned, then this is something that you may wish to try. Use a cleanser that contains tea tree oil, as this penetrates deep into the skin.
Finally, it is important to drink lots of water. This helps to improve the skin tone and keep the colour even throughout the body.
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