Better Sex After Weight Loss – Yes Its True

Many people think that there is better sex after weight loss, and for most people, that is true. Even though it is true, it may not be true for the reasons you think. A lot of people think that they will have better sex because their partner will find them more desirable and attractive.

But, in many cases, there is another reason why your sex life might increase. You see sex really is about more than the physical, it’s very much about the emotional and psychological as well. When you lose weight and get in better shape you will often just feel better about yourself and more confidant. It’s that new found confidence that can make all the difference.

You may actually find yourself wanting to have sex more often. You may feel more attractive and desirable. Another reason why you can have better sex after weight loss is that you will be in better physical shape which will, of course, make the actual physical act of having sex easier and less tiring.

Of course, to get to this point you actually have to lose weight and that can present it’s own challenges. The more overweight and out of shape you are when you start, the slower you will have to start, which is ok as long as you do start.

Most people make the mistake of getting too hyped up and thinking they can do it all at once or do it quickly. Few people can live up to that and they don’t make the goals they set for themselves, when they fail they get discouraged and give up altogether. Don’t do that to yourself.

Just start slowly and keep working at it. It’s easy when you don’t plan on making all the changes at once. Just one small change a week or a month can add up, and it is easier to do it that way.

You can also try the same thing when it comes to making changes in your diet. Eating better with such simple changes as eating a few more vegetables or fruit can be a great start.

Look, it’s no big mystery how to lose weight, eat better types of foods in moderation and get more physical activity. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

The biggest thing that you can do to mess yourself up is to expect changes to happen quickly. You will be setting yourself up for disappointment that way. Don’t do it to yourself. Start small and go from there.

If you really want to strengthen the bond with your partner, suggest that the two of you work out together. When you both are physically fit it can actually be kind of hot to be sweating together wearing next to nothing!

You can absolutely have better sex after weight loss, you will be stronger both physically and emotionally. Self confidence can go a long way to helping you feel more desirable and your new body may well help your partner find you more attractive.