Are there any real and natural remedies or solutions to erectile dysfunction?

This is a problem that has already cost me my mariage, and I do not want to repeat this in another relationship. Viagra, and the other two similar products only makes my heart beat faster than normal and does absolutely nothing to cause my penis to become turbid [hard] and remain that way for any appreciable length of time. Besides humiliation and coitus interruptus, it does nothing but deny the orgasms that I and my partner attempt to achieve.

Costly prescribed drugs because of the cost are prohibitive. Placebo remedies are, of course, not affording any solution, and Look-alike "drugs and enhancements", i.e., staminax, big kahuna, etc., are not working nor even approach a solution.

This is a real question seeking a real solution/answer/remedy. I am not posting this question for "discussion, oratory gymnastics, or a dissertation synopsis"; I need a solution. Problem: Is what stops the blood flow; I need to relax it. Please advise that I may secure the solution.\Q

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