are there any natural heartburn remedies out there?

my boyfriend has severe discomfort in his esophagus and stomach and has an acid problem (reflux, heartburn). we are both researching ways to cope and remedy the problem (long term, short term) and i am wondering if there are any natural remedies out there which he could try.


  • libra

    Activated charcoal works the best for me. You can buy capsules at health food or nutrition stores.

  • HK3738

    one of the natural things to try is to elevate the head end of the bed, just put a brick under the legs on the head end, otherwise if cost is an issue then prilosec OTC should cost in between 20-30 dollars for a month’s supply, depending on where you buy it from, all thebest

  • Rawrrrr

    Papaya tablets will cure heartbearn in a flash. Nature’s Sunshine makes them and so do many other herb manufacturers. Get a big bottle and just tell your bf to munch on a few (they taste sweet) and they will get rid of his heartburn. He can take as many as he needs and eat them whenever. Many people in my family suffer with heartburn and they all take Papaya and it works great.

  • fuzzylilhippiechick

    fresh mint is excellent, one of the best natural remedies I have found
    Good luck :o)

  • call4asif

    very easy & most cheapest…….
    10/15 mint leaves & half lemon + half table spoon of sugar, drind it & add lots of ice …. its an instant remedy, donno whether it lasts forever but whenever i get this problem, i use the same.

  • Shannon F

    MINT is NOT a good remedy. If the heartburn is due to acid reflux, then that means there is a problem with the cardiac sphincter, the closure between the esophagus and the stomach. Mint can actually relax this sphincter, causing it to stay open, allowing acid from the stomach to pass up into the esophagus easier. Caffeine and spicy foods can also aggravate heartburn. Stick with blander foods, and don’t eat right before bed, or lay down right after eating.

  • mr_know_it_all_12345

    I get nasty heartburn also. I mix 2 tablespoons Vinager & 1 cup of water.. or 2 tablespoons of baking soda & 1 cup of water. Ahhhhh ~~~!

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