Are there any all natural home remedies for panic attacks?

i have bad panic attacks im on a prescription for them but i was wandering if anyone knows of any all natural home remedies that will work or will help w my nerves and my panic attacks. please dont answer if you are only goin to b a butthead about it serious inquiries only! i need something for in between my medicine any help would b appreciated thank you


  • thenoseknows

    Home remedies? Nope. Your best bet is to see a Naturopathic doctor or Homeopath because there’s no bandaid solution. If you’re not getting the results from conventional medicine you have to go outside the box and get help from another health care professional in another field of medicine.

  • emt_7608

    Slow deep breaths. Inhale through nose, hold it for 30 seconds, then exhale through mouth. When you slow down your respiratory rate, your heart rate should decrease as well. But if your anxiety is severe, the only way to treat them is with prescription medication.

  • There are many natural supplements you can take. First, you can try a tea by "Yogi" called Kava. That works pretty good at relaxing your body. You can pick it up at walmart or your local grocery store. Another thing you can try is by "Now Foods" called True Calm. Here is the website for it
    You can type in your zip code and it will tell you where the closest distributor near you is located. If it is too far, you can order it on amazon. You can also try chamomille tea. I like to drink it with a peppermint tea. Magnesium is pretty good on the nerves also. Hope that helpl! Best of luck!

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