Are their any alternative treatments for an anxiety disorder ? ( Natural or anything different )?

Hi guys i have an Generalized anxiety disorder and was wondering is there any alternative treatments for an anxiety disorder ? Natural or anything different then therapy and medication. Has anything worked for you?
I understand that, i would love to try that and it sounds cool but what if i can’t afford to go vegan? ( unemployed )


  • Susan Yarrawonga

    Anxiety, stress, worry and depression can cause over 100 symptoms or health problems as in;_ylt=A0oGkmYCx0ZQ5CUA.T4L5gt.?p=%22over+100+anxiety+symptoms%22&fr2=sb-top&fr=ush-ans&type_param=&rd=r1

    Prescription medication for anxiety, stress, depression and worry can give you bad side effects so natural remedies are often much better.

    Natural remedies for anxiety, stress, worry and depression include Yoga, Melatonin, St John’s Wort, 5-HTP, Valerian Root, other herbs, vitamins and other remedies as in

  • My friend swears by the notion that eating processed food, sugar and caffeine amongst other things play havoc with many peoples minds.

    She had been very unwell with anxiety, depression and some anger issues.

    As we speak, she has been vegan for about 6 months and I have never seen her better.

  • VeganPothead

    i have anxiety too. But I have to agree with the previous poster about diet. Ive never felt better on a high carb/ low fat plant based diet. Low sodium, whole plant foods . No caffeine, no chocolate, no drugs (including alcohol). Daily sunshine, and spending time outdoors and being active. A hobby helps, something to become confident and skilled in. Something that can take your mind off of worrying and give you more positive thoughts.

  • I suggest this book for anyone coping with anxiety.

    It gives tools to help deal with what you feel and better understand the condition an how to control it.

  • Lyndsay

    Lol I know I’m opening a can of worms, but marijuana will definitely help. Do your own research and make your own decision, but its less harmful than prescription drugs and the cancer risks really are minimal compared to cigarette smoking and other processed food/chemicals you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

    If you get past all the stereotypes, its a wonderful plant with many medicinal uses, we’ve just been taught its bad.

  • I had anxiety when I was younger and when I was older, it manifested into anxiety attacks and I thought I was going to die from a heart attach. I traced it back to when I was a kid and I could not express my anger when my Dad left our family. I didn’t feel I was able to say what ever I wanted to say so I held it in. Then it built up over time and then the fear of death due to the anxiety attacks. It was a vicious cycle. I prayed and realized I was not going to die, yet, after all this time. I faced my fears and now I’m better. Once in a while, it may try to resurface but now I know the root of the problem, I can face it and deal with it head on… so what is at the root of your anxiety? Hope it helps…

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