Are the red bumps on your legs keratosis pilaris?

If you’ve got red bumps on your legs, and you’ve ruled out the usual suspects of heat rash or shaving rash, then it’s possible that you’re suffering from keratosis pilaris. While most sufferers experience rough, bumpy red skin on their upper arms, the legs – especially the upper thighs – are a common place to find this unsightly, but harmless skin condition. But how do you know for sure if the red bumps on your legs are keratosis pilaris? Of course, you could just visit your physician and let them make the diagnosis, but there are certain indicators which suggest that your condition is indeed, keratosis pilaris.
Firstly, if one or both of your parents suffer, or have suffered in the past, from similar bumps and lumps, then it’s likely to be keratosis pilaris. This is because the condition is hereditary, and your chance of developing the skin condition is as high as one in two, even if only one parent was a sufferer.
Secondly, if you’re female, you’re more likely to suffer from the skin condition than males. Pregnancy has also been known to make the condition worse too.
Teenagers also seem to suffer more during this stage of their life, especially around the time of puberty. Even if you developed the condition as a child, you’re likely to see it worsen during your adolescent years. The good news is that it’s likely to get better as you get older, although some people still experience outbreaks of spots into their forties, and even right into their fifties. However, it’s very uncommon to find older sufferers, and tends to disappear completely once past your fifties.
If you’re of Celtic descent, especially if you have fair skin and light or reddish hair, you’ll probably find that you’re extremely susceptible to the appearance of red spots on your arms and legs. These often tend to improve during the summer, but get worse during winter months, or in dry conditions. Because of this, keeping the skin well moisturized at all times can be very helpful in reducing the occurrence of the spots.
If you suffer from red bumps on your legs, it’s highly likely that you’re also experiencing some keratosis pilaris on your upper arms and buttocks too. Whilst there is no known cure for the condition, as the bumps are hardened keratin which block the hair follicles, exfoliation and moisturising the area have been known to help.