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    Constipation Home Remedies using Juices
    Constipation home remedies using juices

    Apple Juice, Figs and Raisins

    Here’s another constipation home remedy using apple juice with other fruit. Eat it the first thing in the morning before breakfast.

    In a blender, put in a cup of fresh apple juice. Add equal amounts of dry or fresh figs and raisins and a small organic apple. Choose how many figs and raisins to use. You will need to experiment a little. Get a consistency that is not too thick. Add a little more apple juice if needed.

    Eat this home remedy for a few days until you start to get some relief from your constipation.

    Oat Milk with Fig Juice or Prune Juice

    Buy oat milk at the health food store. In the morning, warn 8 oz of oat milk and add the following:

    § 3 oz of fig juice or prune juice
    § two droppers full of licorice extract.

    Or you can mix one glass of 50% fig juice and 50% prune juice. Drink this first thing in the morning. This powerful home remedy will get your bowels moving. Drink this combination first thing in the morning.

    Stewed Figs

    Take 10 – 12 calimyma figs and stew them in two glasses of distilled water (16 oz) for 10 minutes. Let them sit in this water overnight.

    In the morning remove the figs, warm and drink the juice. Eat the figs though out the day.

    Or prepare a blended drink of,

    § three or more figs, fresh or sun dried
    § one banana
    § 1 tablespoon of honey or molasses
    § one cup of rice dream

    Drink first thing in the morning and any time after lunch or dinner.

    The following juices provide you with some powerful constipation home remedies that you can use right away.

    Mulberry Juice

    Mulberry juice has many health benefits. It is good for digestive tract illnesses. It can stimulate digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the small intestine. It is useful for older people for reliving constipation.

    Mulberry contains many minerals and vitamins.


    Boysenberry juice has a gentle natural laxative action on your bowel. When your constipation is mild, this juice will help move things in your colon.


    Mix ½ cup of distilled water and ½ cup of blackberries. Drink this first thing in the morning to promote peristaltic movement. Drink this often and it will make you regular.

    Blackberries are high in vitamin C.


    Cherries are high in antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and many other minerals, which are effective in neutralizing body acid. Cherries contain vitamins B-1, B-2, folic acid and niacin.

    Cherries have laxative effects and can start peristaltic action.

    Eat fresh cherries throughout the day or drink three 8 oz glasses of cherry juice during the day.

    Buy cherry juice in glass container.

    Elderberry Juice

    Can be used to help reduce the symptoms of colds, flu, and diabetes. It also helps to relieve constipation, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids. Drink 1–2 glasses each day. Increase the quantity if necessary.

    Getting your bowels moving and cleaning out your colon is necessary for having facial skin without blemishes or acne. By reducing the toxins in your colon, you minimize the toxins that can seep out of your facial pores and contribute to acne.

    If you eat 3 meals each day, you should have at least 2 bowel movements a day. If you only have one, then you are short 1 bowel movement.

    To get your bowels moving like they should, you need to, clean out what is in your colon right now. So the first day is for cleaning out your colon. The next two days is too keep cleaning the colon and to detoxify the body.

    Doing a 3-day mini-fruit juice fast is the best way to start cleaning out the colon, to detoxify the blood, and rejuvenate your body. Just doing a fast for three days is not a cure all and it will require more work on your part by starting to eat more natural foods.

    In her extensive book, Coking For Healthy Healing, 1991, Linda Rector-page, N.D., Ph.D., talks about what a fast does,

    "Fasting works by self-digestion. During a cleanse, the body in its infinite wisdom, will decompose and burn only the substances and tissue that are damaged, diseased, or unneeded, such as abscesses, tumors, excess fat deposits, and congestive wastes. Even a relatively short fast can accelerate elimination from the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, often causing dramatic changes as masses of accumulated waste are expelled. Live foods and juices can literally pick up dead matter from the body and carry it away."

    Day before the fast

    The day before the fast, eat a large salad and two apples. This will give you plenty of fiber to scrub the walls of your colon as you move fecal matter out of your colon the following day.

    First day of colon cleanse

    Do this cleanse on a Saturday, Sunday or any other day that you don’t have to go anywhere. You will be going to the bathroom all day and at times you need to be there quick.

    Buy the following items.

    * Organic apple juice – one gallon
    * Organic apples – 6 for one day
    * Organic prune juice – one quart

    When you first wake up in the morning, drink,

    * 8 oz of prune juice
    * 10 minutes later drink another 8oz of prune juice
    * 10 minutes later again drink another 8 oz of prune juice
    * wait 20 minutes than drink 8 oz of apple juice
    * wait 30 minutes than drink another 8 oz of apple juice

    If you haven’t sped to the bathroom yet, you will in a little while.

    Now you will be drink 8 oz of apple juice every hour until the end of the day. You can stop drink apple juice around 5pm.

    During the day you can eat three apples in the morning and 3 apples in the evening.

    This process will clean out any fecal matter that has been sitting your colon for days and gets you ready for the next step.

    Second way to start the colon cleanse

    Another way to start a colon cleanse is to use a product that is called "Oxy-Powder." This product is in capsules and is used to 30 days. Simply by taking capsules everyday, you will clean out your colon and any build up along your colon walls.

    You can get this product on the internet, just type in Oxy-powder.

    Second day of mini fast

    During the second day you can drink different kinds of juice and eat 2-6 apples. You can drink any kind of juice be it fruit or vegetable. A combination of fruit and vegetable juice is good.

    Third day of mini fast

    The third day is like the second day where you can drink different kinds of juice and eat 2-6 apples. You can drink any kind of juice be it fruit or vegetable. A combination of fruit and vegetable juice is good

    Fourth Day, after the fast is done

    After you have finished your three-day mini fast, start eating soft foods to gently adjust your system to food. Here are some of the foods you can eat:

    * Baked potato
    * Fruit salad
    * Fruit smoothie
    * Light soup
    * Oatmeal, multigrain cereal
    * Salad
    * Yogurt

    If you are ill, not feeling good or your immune system is down, do not do this mini-fast. Wait until you feel strong. After do the mini-juice fast you are now ready for the next step in clearing your acne.

    Rudy Silva has a degree in Physics and is a Natural Nutritionist. He is the author of Constipation, Acne, Hemorrhoid, and Fatty Acid ebooks. He writes a newsletter call "natural-remedies-thatwork.com." More acne hints and information on his acne e-book can be found at: http://www.acne-remedies.for–you.info

  • jonnytipatorul

    Quit eating cheese. Drink Dr. Pepper

  • Prune juice or mineral oil [foul tasting but it does work] even can help relieve constipation in under an hour or so.

  • goldenbrownsugar1972

    Yes. Warm apple juice is good also. Adding more water to your diet wouldn’t hurt either.

  • deepusonic

    drink lots of water,don’t eat corn it causes constipation,also exercise in the morning

  • u should drink papaya juice and eat more papaya & drink mineral water.

  • ananthu

    isabgol powder…available in all med shops…if not relieved consult a doc…still not relieved go 4 ayurveda

  • catherine monica

    increase your intake of liquids

  • student 01

    Prune juice is good but also eat lots of fruit and veg, meat etc clogs up your system and leaves the veg sitting around in your gut, veg will be more likely to come out easy!

  • water is the best medicine buts prunes help too

  • foxyfoxyg

    Prune jiuce is good, try just a glass .

  • unpronounceable

    eat at any restaurant with unsanitary work conditions..that should do the trick..if not try 3 alarm chili a box of prunes..and wash it all down with a bottle of gin

  • rxqueen♥ †

    Mild exercise. Fruit. Bran. Bran always works.

  • elmo_10

    Constipation,u must eat lots of fruit especially papaya.and drink lots of water u must consume 1 litre or more everyday.i hoped this would help u.

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