The alkaline Diet cannot work


Because of what I do …lecture on health sciences….. and because I am constantly researching new topics for my subscribers I continually come across so called diets that have no grounding in scientific fact. The Alkaline diet is one of those programs.

I know that it cannot work because of my job but I reckon that many people buy into these wild claims that programs make and to be honest how are you meant to know?

  Just read on and I will explain to you how this diet cannot work.

The Alkaline Diet is based on the acid/alkali theory of disease. When we break down the food we eat, we are left with some waste products, These waste products can be acidic or alkaline, depending on the protein, sulphur or mineral content of the food.  Promotors of the alkaline diet claim that eating foods which leaves behind a lot of acidic waste affects our bodies pH and leaves us vulnerable to disease.  They advise eating a diet high in alkaline forming foods, to promote health and wellness.


Do you remember your chemistry lessons when you learnt all about  PH.  A PH of 1-6 is acid and 8-14 is alkaline. All of the chemical reactions that take place in your body are controlled by proteins called enzymes. Enzymes are very fussy about the PH in which they work and so if the PH changes they will not work .Now here is the thing when enzymes do not work you do not work!

For that very reason we have a process in our body called homeostasis that always brings  the body back to its normal functioning PH. This means that no matter what food you eat the body will always remain at the normal PH….around 7.4 except for the stomach where the PH is 2.

Lastly the notion that you can test your bodies pH by testing the pH of your urine is also not correct.  Your urine pH is not a reflection of the pH of your blood (or any other part of your body). It’s just an indication that your kidneys are doing their job. Whatever the number on the pH strip, if you are healthy and well you can be sure that  the pH of your blood is around 7.4

So Take it from me the alkaline diet cannot work. If you need any other reasons as to why it cannot work then let me know and I will send them