ADHD and Natural remedies-Focus and Attend?

Looking for natural remedies for Adhd, has anyone tried FOCUS, BRIGHTSPARK? found here
or ATTEND? found here
If so has anyone had any luck with any of them? Or does anyone have any other brands they have found to work?


  • mr ski man

    I’m a student nurse studying mental health nursing, on our course we do child and adolescent placements which mostly consists of ADHD and family difficulties, which are often interlinked, but the most effective herbal remedy I heard people using was fish oils, Omega 3 with a high concentration of EPA and DHA being the most efficient. This works by improving the circulation of blood to the brain, improving concentration but as yet I have not heard of a herbal remedy that works for all aspects of ADHA. I did work with a few people who had taken FOCUS but did not benefit greatly from it. Although everybody is different and different remedies will work differently for each person. The main thing to look out for with herbal remedies is if they interact with any other current medication. Hope this helps.

  • jennilee

    I am ADHD and on medication. However, I use FOCUSFORMULA in order to help my focus in the afternoon.

    I’m curious why you’re staying away from meds? Ritalin has been on the market and used for ADHD longer and more frequently than any natural remedy.

  • Praderwilli

    Lol, I certainly wouldn’t take medication recommendations from a site like this. You have no idea who is answering and what the person’s real credentials are; or even if the person is purposefully giving you bad advice (like taking St. John’s Wort for ADHD).

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