Acne Update! + RANT. Skincare Journal + Does Dairy Cause Acne + High Glycemic Foods

AWESOMEST VIDEO LINKS EVER 😉 Does Dairy Cause Acne? My Perfect Imperfections Tag + Skin Update: I Miss You! Video: Dairy Free Update: WHY shouldn’t we pick our pimples?? Vitamins for acne! Face Primer for Acneic Skin: My Favorite Indian Foods! What are yours? My Punjabi Lover Bugger! Acne Scaring Video: Tazorac Cream Review: LINKITY LINK LINKS!!! annndd just thought I’d say I LOVE YAA!!! 🙂 Like the facebook page!! Follow me on twitter!: Subscribe To The Youtube Channel!: Check out and Subscribe to the other youtube channel: Check Out The Blog!:

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