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I originally started this Blog when working as  a Health Sciences lecturer in a college in  N.Ireland.

 I started teaching Biology/physiology in a school and then years later in a college. In the college I lectured on various Health related topics such as Physiological Disorders, Medical Conditions and Biochemistry.

I have also worked in the medical Industry while in S.Africa primarily in Endoscopic surgery ( keyhole surgery) training surgeons and medical personnel on the use of endoscopic instruments in different surgical procedures.  I progressed in this career to surgical manager in a large multinational and  experienced many surgical procedures relating to a range of medical conditions. This surgical experience and medical knowledge allows me to research health and medical Information analytically to produce articles that are based on scientific research.

In 2017 my husband and I decided to move to Spain. After 15 years  in Northern Ireland We missed living in a warm climate and Spain was calling.  Our first year in Spain was busy with buying and renovating a house.  After the house was finished I found I missed teaching and  somehow found myself back teaching A level Biology in an International school in Marbella.  I also took on some private students and together with my blog I am kept fairly busy.

The Covid Virus  in 2020/21 has been a difficult year for everyone, Personally I have moved into online teaching with Private students as well as the school  and I hope to continue this  throughout the next years.


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