80 Pounds Gone Drinking this Red Smoothie from Peru

Everyone knows green smoothies are healthy, right?
However…  Have you heard of a “red” smoothie?

Below you’ll discover how going from green to red helped this Alabama girl shed 80lbs. Because… There are dozens of reasons to go RED…

•    Apples: keep cholesterol levels low
•    Beets: contain lycopene (shown to reduce cancer)
•    Blood oranges: high vitamin C
•    Cherries: powerful anti-inflammatory
•    Cranberries: have been shown in studies to kill cancer cells
•    Red/purple grapes: are loaded with antioxidants
•    Pink grapefruit: high vitamin C & pectin to reduce cholesterol
•    Plums: neutralize free radicals, protection from arthritis & cancer
•    Pomegranates: lowers risk of cancer and removes plaque in arteries
•    Raspberries: reduces bad cholesterol
•    Red peppers: good for skin, bones and dental health
•    Strawberries: high vitamin C levels and contains folate
•    Tomatoes: high lycopene
•    Watermelon: lycopene and cuts risk of macular degeneration

Using a specific combination of these “red” foods is what helped Liz Swann Miller lose 80lbs.

It all started when Liz went on a college-sponsored trip to Peru when
she had no choice but to eat the local “red” foods…

Instead of all the processed junk foods that are found in the Western
world. She immediately noticed: … She never felt hungry … Her pants
were actually loose for the first time in years … Her breathing became
easier as she climbed mountains …

By the end of the month she had lost 20 pounds!

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Obviously this method has worked to help her KEEP the weight off. At the very least, make sure you’re not ignoring all the fat burning health benefits of these red foods.