6 So called “Health Foods”


One of the modules I teach in college is Nutrition. In the teaching class we have many interesting discussions on the different food groups and we also do a dietary analysis on what we eat each day. When we start  analysing foods it becomes obvious  that many foods out there marketed as “healthy” are anything but healthy.

Here are 6 foods that fall into that category

  1. Organic Crackers

According to food researchers from the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, organic crackers deserve a place as a  top offender.  When we see the name “organic” we kind of assume the food would contain fewer calories and have less fat than the non-organic boxed crackers at your local grocery store.

Well that is not the case.  Processed foods are just that—processed and that means They means they usually contain a lot of sodium to make up the difference, and we usually end up eating twice as much because of that fact.

  1. Organic Cookies

These have all the right words that spell healthy and they may not have chemicals and artificial sugars  but they have natural sugars and these will add the pounds

  1. Diet Soda

This is a debate that has gone on for a while .Are diet soda any good  and are they better for you over regular sodas . the truth lies that neither are good for us. Diet sodas are full of artificial sweeteners which have the effect of making us want to drink more. They also contain aspartame which is a poison and over time can result in symptoms like those of Multiple sclerosis.

  1. Bottled Juice

These are marketed as green juices and health smoothies. Some of them can contain as much as 50 grams of sugar ..about 10 spoonfuls!

Drinking these drinks on a regular basis can lead to all sorts of problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


  1. Granola

This is my favourite. So many people think that this is a healthy muesli but  let me assure you that Granola is full of sugar and fat.

Some people will argue that it contains nuts and seeds and also oats which give us fibre but the problem comes from the fact that the recommended amount is a quarter cup and most of us would eat an awful lot more.

  1. Lean Frozen Cuisine

This are easy to pop into the oven when you get home after a days work. The servings are small and so sometimes one is not enough .To preserve frozen meals they are packed with chemicals and artificial ingredients like sugar and MSG  [Monosodium glutamate]

Both of these 2 badies effect the hypothalamus,the message centre which tells the body it is full