As a teacher I have seen this so many times

I have been teaching Biology/Physiology for over 30 years. Right now I have reached retirement age but I still teach A level Biology part time in an International School  in Spain. My reason is that I love to teach and like the interaction with the students.

I have met many students of all different nationalities over the years and  with the experience I have gained teaching teenagers I would say I have a very good knowledge of the teenage mind and way of thinking.

Over the years   I have never failed to spot the teenager who is out of place. The one who is doing A level Biology and does not know the reason why. When asked what they want to do with their lives ..there is always a vague idea of doing something in the future but not sure what.

When I have made an effort to get to know these kids it is amazing what lies beneath the surface. What hobbies inspire them, what topics causes their eyes to light up  and what is actually inspiring them in their life right now.

How many times have I come across an A level student studying A levels to go to University because it is what everyone does and they have never thought of an alternative. Yet that very same student has been running a little part-time business in the Holidays, making money, growing the business, looking at other ways to expand. Forgive me if I have often thought ……”what are they doing here? “


I come from a Veterinary family, my father was a vet,  my brother completed a PHD in Ecology and then changed career in his 40,s to become a care worker in a nursing home. I completed a Hons Degree in Biology and my other brother completed a degree in Economics. It was expected that we would all go to university. I went through three or four career changes before I became a teacher. My brother used to visit old ladies for Tea and cake when he was younger and that is all he ever wanted to do….look after older people, hence the change to a caring environment.

I am not saying that there was anything wrong with the paths we personally took but we never knew about the other opportunities out there.  Especially now  the opportunities are endless for your son or daughter to develop skills that will prepare them for the world we live in.

Just too often a student loses their self esteem because they are struggling  with an academic subject when they could be making strides in developing their entrepreneurial skills and moving forward in life doing something they really want to do .

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