I want to cleanse my colon!!?

How do I? any of you know about that or about any diets?? Please help!


  • hvykey

    Leave your poor colon alone. People have survived and flourished for millions of years without cleansing their colons. Don’t be sucked into the sudo voodoo health stuff. Eat right, exercise and stop the silliness. Unless you just like stuff in your buns then have at it enema person.

  • mlgable

    Why not just do it properly by seeing someone who does colon cleaning or colonics. Look in your yellow pages and make an appointment to have it done.

  • kinoko-pie

    How about " juice fasting " ? ( *v* )

  • michael p

    To clean your colon, eat losts of Shredded Wheat cereal, the kind without added sugar, drink lots of fluids, i.e. grapefruit juice, without added sugar, lemonaid, w.o. added sugar..etc.. and use an enema..that is..a bag full of warm water to flush out your colon…but do not add soap.

  • essence_05

    There are so many dodgy diets that vary from individuals..I can’t recommend or support any!!

    The best idea would be to take probiotics like Yakult~

    good bacteria = good digestive system

  • antonio

    In a blender make raw vegie or fruit smooties it cleans and gets rid of toxins.Helps your imune systym

  • *Grace*

    you can try any of these drink at least 2 days and if you can stand until 7 days:
    -1 table spoon maple sirup and with 1 glass of hot water. mix it and then enjoy the benefits, its great.
    -the mixture of 1 table spoon honey and 1ts fresh lemon juice with 1 glass of hot water.
    -the mixture of 1 table spoon honey and 1ts apple vinagare with 1 glass of hot water. its great for losing weight too.
    -the mixture of 1 table spoon honey and 1ts fresh lemon juice and 1 ts jinjer powder or granted piece of fresh jinjer with 1 glass of hot water.
    -you can use onion soup(10 onion in 2 li water and salt and any spices you like) for 3 days, its fantastic.

    good health

  • Jay T

    What interesting answers came from other people! Personally, I would put my trust in a cleanse that’s doctor recommended. I chose a nutritional cleanse which cleanses the entire insides (not only the colon and/or liver) and dropped 20 pounds, I sleep better and have tons more energy. I learned that the cleanses in health stores and other retailers cut corners to lower manufacturing costs. I found one made by a "no compromise" formulator with 25 years experience and includes personal coaching. And since it replaces meals, by my math it was virtually free. Here’s my coach’s website:

  • I use an all natural cleanse that works on a cellular level.

    This is a full body cleanse. It is from the world leader in nutrional cleansing.

    I would be happy to answer questions.

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