Using Lemon Juice against fleas? Does it work?

So, I currently have my lovely 3 year old Aussie on Frontline Combo (plus) and it’s worked splendidly in the past. She’s lived in my flat with no problem with them for quite awhile, however, since then my boyfriend has gotten his own home, and we’ve been spending some more time there rather than my flat. And it seems she’s been itching more. So this evening I got out the flea comb and found a good amount of fleas. I only placed her Frontline on six days ago. Well, I assume since the previous owners had a few dogs that perhaps there were some dormant fleas in the home when he arrived. So, we were looking online and saw that many people use lemon juice on their dogs and in their home to prevent and kill fleas and their eggs. Does it work is my question? I need a quick solution. Thank you.
We already gave her a flea bath


  • Amanda

    Tea tree oil works best against fleas u can dab it on paws and add to soap for baths. Its not harmful and cheap u get it at health food stores. Its all I use. I dont do monthly store / vet bought flea treatments and my dogs NEVER have fleas.

  • Furever

    Dawn dishwashing liquid works…the original kind. Give her a bath in it…start at her head and work your way down otherwise the fleas will all just hide up on her face. Good luck!

  • Alesi's Chis

    Never heard of that, though it would make for some tasty fleas. Have you both treated your homes and yards? Killing the fleas on her is only a very temporary fix since she’ll be reinfested immediately

  • Sakura Shaunessy

    -Flea baths weekly
    -Do NOT overmedicate YOUR DOG.
    (Remember fleas can be bad, but with time it can be helped)

    My dogs and cats had fleas for 7 months.
    7 months of weekly bathing.
    (Which be careful, some flea shampoos are NOT good for your dog. "use gloves". If you have to use gloves because the chemicals aren’t good for you – how are they good for your dogs?)

    The way I would go about this is
    -Flea bath. [Dawn Dish soap is great – but get the ears first. Then the face, then the body. Leave the soap on for 5 minutes.] Then brushing the "dead’ fleas up and putting them in a cup of alcohol (mouthwash works too.) [Fleas play dead. They aren’t dead.]

    Now there is a pill I think by CapStar that makes fleas "jump off" your animal.
    Use that.
    Then use the Frontline.

    Vaccumm and wash everything you can.
    Dog bedding – wash with vinigar. The carpet, vaccumm. Clean your house like never before.
    Fleas can get on your dogs a vary of different ways.
    -Other animals [even if there is a rabbit that just went through the yard… that rabbit may’ve had fleas that jumped off.]

    But most fleas die without a host.
    Ticks on the other hand are the bad ones.. they will actually live for 8 years without a meal. O.O
    Make sure to stay up to date on flea medications.

    And don’t overdose.
    If your dog is 30 lbs, don’t go out and get a medication for a 60-90 lb dog. That will overdose.
    Get the recommended dose. That stuff is very toxic (why you put it where the dog CANT lick it.)

  • mongboot

    frontline is crap. The fleas are becoming resistant to it 🙁
    I done all mine with frontline and they were still scratching. so tried it again in case there were squillions of the little bloodsuckers anyway it still didn’t work aarrrggghhh. Cast a fortune too, Was advised to use advantage, it has a different active ingredient, worked straight away.
    loads of info on the net about it xx never heard about the lemon juice thing xx

  • miss_s

    i have never tried it but i do know a dog trainer who swears by it, spraying citrus on the coat and feeding them garlic apparently?!

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