What are your cholesterol levels?

If you’ve had your cholesterol levels measured recently, post them and say whether or not you’re eating a "cholesterol-free diet", if you catch my drift.

I’m curious to see what effect a cholesterol-free diet has on cholesterol levels.

My HDL’s 51, my LDL’s 36, my triglycerides are 106, and I am on a cholesterol-free diet.


  • connie b

    I would Love to say that my cholesterol levels were low since I am a vegan, but mine are 187 total ..hdl 59 ..ldl 128 ..my triglycerides are 101..(just had blood work 1 month ago)..I am a builder it is genetic, but if I wasn’t a vegan I would undoubtedly have high cholesterol…I am not overweight at all…5’5" 136 ……My sons cholesterol levels however are about 125-130 ..they are 24 and 30 years old….vegans since birth….so people who are builders like me can still keep it under control by diet…although I do it for the animals…health is the fringe benefit..

  • mikedrazenhero

    i’m eating cholesterol free diet
    my numbers went from 127 to 107 in 6 month

  • kmennie

    I don’t remember the exact numbers, but my cholesterol level’s always been just right.

    This on a life-long ‘low-cholesterol,’ or ‘cholesterol-restricted,’ diet, if you catch my drift…

  • Peter M

    last time i got tested my hdl was 42, ldl 63, triglycerides 51, glucose 79. i am on a mostly vegan, sometimes pescaterian diet. i excercise almost every day, sometimes for hours. i feel healthy but i have to say your numbers are excellent, much better than mine.

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