Do colon cleansing really help in losing weight???

I have been looking at some products for colon cleansing & am a little skeptical if it would be beneficial just from a wellness aspect…


  • Annie_Roo

    It is beneficial for your health to do a colon cleanse, fecal matter builds up in your body and makes it to where your body doesn’t get the nutrients you need so it stores unneeded fat, your body is in survival mode. If you do the colon cleanse it will rid your body of all that built up fecal mater and you will lose weight. I have done one and i lost 25 lbs in two weeks. Be sure you do your research before you go and buy one. I recommend BOWTROL . This one is very effective. Don’t do it just to lose weight. Check with your doctor first.

  • caronmiami

    it helps on losing your dignity!!! lol

    im sure it cleanse you up. but i dont see how that will help you to lose weight??

  • tpain boght me a drank

    it getz u redy n easier 2 lose more wieght

  • Lupita

    Well some say up to 12-15 pds, but ive read that it cleanses "too much" removing "beneficial bacteria" so be cautious when using

  • krzylove



    yea it did, it has no side effects. natural tea I mean

  • cindy-bob

    My mother, and most of her friends and relatives used colon cleanser. It was called extreme colon cleanser. I ordered a case of it for her when she had issues and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. The docs can’t understand it, but she no longer has even a trace of it anymore. It can help you lose weight if you have alot backed up in your colon. Some people have as much as 25 pounds of it and never know it. I’d take it if I were you.

  • GGoodie ==='''

    Just eat foods that can flow through your system naturally, Liquid Oxygen and Papya digestive tablets.

    There you go my friend and the weight will start to come off.

  • Sallie

    yes it will, but when doing a colon cleanse remember to put back the good bacteria…there are hundreds of differant websites to get information from, but I would start with, just make sure you have all info you need before you start.

  • Jenna

    Here’s the deal: The colon cleansing does temporarily help you shed a few pounds, but once you begin eating normally again your body re-stores the food in your body.

    This does help your body rid it’s self of toxins and does improve your health in the long run. If you have your colon cleaned at the doc they also check for polyps which could become cancerous, so it really is a good health gesture & precaustiong more than anything!

  • Slartibartfast

    You will find that window cleansing is far better.
    Get yourself a bucket of water and a cloth.

    Clean every window on every block of flats in your town.
    Phew – you’ll lose loads of weight!

  • iammaurer

    It’s been scientifically proven to be 100% fraud. Do some research. The whole thing is a scam.

    All that stuff they show "removed"? Doctors have examined that stuff and said that material isn’t even in your body. Even dead bodies don’t have that stuff.

    100% fraud. Look it up.

  • Michael S

    Actually, colon hydrotherapy is the best route to take on this. This kind of therapy is great for improving your overall health – which can help with weight issues too, but that shouldn’t be the primary reason for doing this. My recommendation is to avoid buying any colon cleansing product over the counter. You should go to a qualified medical or holistic health professional (see example here: Always seek the advice of a medical expert first – whether it’s colon cleansing, weight loss, heck, even vitamins.

  • Natalie Jones

    no – its not gona help you lose any weight – the only thing its gona help you with is intestinal problems if you have any (e.g. yeast overgrowth)

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