thyroid problem?????????

i went to dr. feeling very tired and sluggish, and short of breath all the time. he said my thyroid gland was swollen in my neck and did some blood work. both t something levels came back very low and he sent me to an endiocrinologist? to be seen by him. he did his own blood work and i go back next wed, but he did say that it could be something minor but he also said it could be something in my head with my pitutary gland not working right. no one has mentioned cancer so im not really worried about that. i am also lightheaded pretty often and have quick sharp pains in my head, but not really headaches. what might it be?


  • Marco's girl

    Dear Stephanie: Please try not to worry. I had very low T3 and T4 levels and also saw an Endocrinologist. I had a problem with my thyroid. I would bet that you do too. Thyroid problems are pretty common, and a simple synthetic hormone will be given to you to take daily. Sometimes it takes a little experimentation to get your levels in order. Being tired and sluggish is a major symptom of having a low thyroid. I don’t know why he mentioned the pituitary gland function, unless some of your other blood tests showed a problem. DId he mention another blood test abnormality? Wednesday will be here before you know it and you will get the answers you need. Try not to be nervous about it, I am sure it is your thyroid and it truly is not big deal. I’ve had this condition for over 20 years. I am happy you are going to an Endocrinologist, because they are the true experts in thyroid conditions. You will be fine, but keep us posted.

  • carboluver

    I think you have an under active thyroid. Your T3 and T4 levels were probably low. See website..

  • My wife had thyroid problems off and on for years. The doctors we went to said that this Little gland, it lies across the throat, does a lot more than we used to think it did. It could cause all of the symptoms you described.
    If someone suggest surgery, insist on a second opinion.

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