Thyroid helpppppppp?

If you are put on Iodine pills because your thyroid level shows it’s about at a 40 year olds when your around 21, does that mean you will gain or lose weight? And if you take too much could you not be losing any weight if your eating right and working out?


  • computertutorforu

    Thyroids can be over active or under active. Are you over weight presently? If you are not, but too thin, then you are overactive.
    Iodine pills are not too bad of a suppliment to have to take, it is the drugs that are the bad ones…Iodine can be a natural suppliment as well, try checking into that avenue for relief.
    Kelp is the main plant that supplies iodine and other trace minerals that MAY be what is causing your unbalanced thyroid condition.
    The hormones of our bodies is an truly amazing thing! But, if one of them is out of whack, for whatever reason, it can cause a lot of others things to happen in the body that are not desirable. A simple example is the cute woman that has too much dark body hair! She simply has too much male hormones in her body but she still is cute and has normal body features…see what I mean? She may not LIKE having all that hair, I remember waxing a young woman like that to help her "cope" with the arms, the face and the leg hair!
    Alfalfa, kelp and trace/essential minerals can do wonders if taken every day!
    A good source is Nature’s Sunshine Products from USA…but they are also world wide, so that is not too much of an issue. I live by them, have saved myself from gangrene 3 times now and numerous other ailments over the years! Well worth knowing and finding out about their stuff!

  • Vrishabha

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  • Katherine W

    A prescription for low thyroid would usually be for a synthetic thyroid. If you have been gaining weight because of low thyroid, then the pill would help stabilize your weight and you might even lose some. Too much would lead to weight loss, but you might end up permanently lowering your thryoid and having to take more medication, so taking more than your prescribed dose would be a mistake.

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