Any natural remedy for anemia?

I was recently prescribed by my doctor with an iron supplement because he claimed that I am anemic based on my latest blood test. However, the iron supplement makes me constipate. Since I started taking the supplement, I started having irregular BM.


  • You can get the best iron supplement from beets. There is a dosage of how much beets you need to consume in a day to remedy your anemia. Consult a qualified ND (Naturopathic Doctor) becasue they will give you the best advice for your health problem. I have a ND that I always consult. He cure all my ailments. His site is . I highly recommend this ND because he has help a lot of people including my friends and family. It is worth trying.


    Eat leafy green vegetables, especially spinach; liver is rich in iron, and all red meats have a good supply. (Eat the lean cuts). Many cereals are fortified with iron. Don’t drink tea with your food; it can interfere with the absorption of iron. Ask your doctor about decreasing the dosage of your iron supplement, or taking it every other day. You should be able to adjust this so you get the benefit of it without the constipation.

  • blackwidow13

    The best way I found was alot of raisins and high iron foods. That way your body not only gets the iron, but some bonus nutrients too.

  • marryme_alig

    Go to the drug store and buy some Colace. They also make a generic equivalent that costs less then the brand name. IT WORKS! Drink lots of water as well.

  • Eat more red meats.

  • the_news_junky

    Proper diet can help both the blood and BM

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