Can genes affect height/weight/ health?


  • Bob Gore

    Of course with your health and height is a polygenic trait which means many genes affect it and weight depends many family have same body types skinny slender fat and so on


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  • Sean Stadter

    yes they very much can..if your both your parents are heavy, then you have a more likely chance of being heavy. likewise for height. and if your mother has a genetic disorder or disease that can affect YOUR health as well.

  • Mitchel

    It always comes down to the Nature vs. Nurture argument. Yes, genes do affect height, weight, and health. But most of the time the percentage increase is very slight. The increases normally only change your physical structure very slightly unless the gene is a major control gene for other genes. Most of the time though, it really comes down to your lifestyle. If one eats 3 Big Macs for breakfast lunch and dinner, chances are high they’re going to be overweight and have heart problems

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