What herbal/natural remedies get rid of parasites?

My sister is sick but doesn’t like to use drugs when natural remedies are possible.


  • Rocinante

    Black Walnut available at health food store along with many other herbal parasite remedies. I have used wormwood and thought it caused side effects. Also pumpkin seeds are known to rid parasites. I always keep a bottle of black walnut capsules, and even when my kitty got tapeworms a half capsule mixed in his food worked much better than the poison the Vet prescribed. No side effects observed from black walnut.

  • Gypsy Girl

    How do you know she has parasites? If she is sick, she needs to know why. She should at least see a doctor for a diagnosis so she knows what remedies to use.

  • rhsaunders

    Almost all "natural" remedies remedy nothing except the vacuum in the seller’s wallet. See a doctor to get semething that works.

  • graciegirl

    nature’s Sunshine has this homeopathic drops called Parasites which work, A colon cleanse will also work, I sell them but how do you know it;s parasites does she have the symptoms? Bloated, Gassy, Nauseated

    rocinante is right Black Walnut is a natural laxative which works wonders

  • Barbara H

    If she’s sick from a parasite infection ie, pinworms, ringworms, tapeworm, she needs to get to the doctor to get medicine that can kill them..most parasites don’t have a digestive tract and it’s not likely they’re going to absorb any herb that you ingest…you need some meds.

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