Thyroid condition. Sick of being fat?

Ugh. I gave birth to my daughter a little over 5 months ago, and had some baby weight to lose. Struggled to get it off, it wouldn’t budge, finally found through blood tests that I have a thyroid disease. Don’t care! Want the weight off! Have an appt with endo on Monday – do they ever prescribe weight loss medications for people with this condition? I gained 20 pounds before we discovered the problem. This is horrible.
Thanks ladies. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only one.


  • You will have to diet & exercise to lose the weight. Thyroid meds will make it easier, but they are not magic pills. What they do is make it so that you can now lose weight with diet & exercise. It’s very important though that you always test first thing in the morning and that you get the morning TSH around 1.0. If you have the TSH too high weight loss just will not happen.

    If possible get a free t3 the next time you test. This should be above midrange. If its under midrange it would show that you were a poor converter and mght need a T4/T3 medication like Armour.

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  • Darlene T

    I know exactly how you feel sadly we cant take just any medication they put me on adapex and i ended up in the hospital so try to eat 3 to 4 meals a day and excersise everyday i know its hard WE people with thyroid disease take more effort to lose than regular ppl but you can do it so far i have lost 6 pounds but hey 6 pounds is something

  • squishymallo

    If you have an under-active or sluggish thyroid, they will likely give you thyroid replacement hormones. Those will probably help you lose weight and feel more energetic.

    When I began taking my thyroid meds, I lost 15 lbs and was able to go off my anti-depressants, and I’ve heard of many other people who’ve had similar experiences.

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