How to do a full body cleanse for colon, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, candida?

I was wondering how to do a full body cleanse. I bought some Oxy Powder for my colon; a dry skin brush and some Aztec clay and apple cider vinegar for a full body clay mask for my skin; and some detox foot pads to wear at night. I’m going to eat only fruit and veggies for about 2 weeks and than 2 weeks on juice followed by 1 week of pure water. What other products should I use to cleanse?

But what about cleansing for other things such as my kidneys, liver/gallbladder, and for candida, and parasites? Should I do this during my fasting/ colon detox or wait a few weeks in between. And what products to use?


  • Bruce H

    Learn everything you need to know about detox diets, juice fasting, colon health, liver cleansing, and much more at Jon Barron’s web site. He offers the world’s most comprehensive detox program.

    Phase One: The Natural Colon Cleanse
    There is an old saying, "Death Begins In The Colon." Although an oversimplification, the road to health begins with intestinal cleansing and detoxification–no matter what the disease or problem. And, you miss the big picture when you think it is just about drawing out old fecal matter. We are talking about enhancing each function from your mouth to your anus: digestion, nutrient transfer, waste processing, metabolic functions, toxic drainage, and boosting your immune system. For this program, you MUST do a colon detox before a liver detox or you risk having major toxins push back into the blood stream (since your drain pipe is plugged). Learn More…
    Include A Heavy Metal Cleanse
    Many health ailments–headaches, exhaustion, and muscle cramps–are coming from heavy metal toxicity. It has been implicated in everything from increased risk of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease to mental retardation and cancer. And, with today’s environmental pollutants, everyone around the globe is at risk. Learn More…

    Phase Two: The Kidney & Gallbladder Cleans
    he National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse estimates that each year, nearly 100,000 Americans are newly diagnosed with kidney failure. More than 100,000 currently have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) due to diabetes, and an astounding 7.7 million have physiological evidence of chronic kidney disease. Yikes! Paramount to good care of the kidneys is reducing the toxic load they have to deal with, especially proteins and chemical contaminants which can build up in the kidneys, slowing their function, increasing acidity and raising blood pressure. However, the more important reason for doing a kidney cleanse in this program is that it softens gallstones, making the Liver Detox much easier. Learn More…

    Phase Three: The Liver Detox
    The liver is so important to our well-being that many healers maintain that most diseases cannot develop in the body (that, in fact, no form of cell degeneration can occur) if the liver is functioning in an efficient, healthy manner. Things that harm the liver: protein in the diet, simple carbohydrates, overeating, drug residues, alcohol, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, lack of exercise, and more. Liver problems can result in digestive issues, constipation, low energy, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and infertility. Learn More…


  • Gary Y

    You can’t. These detox cleanses are scams and when it comes to alternative medicine you really need to be a savvy consumer.

    To explain, ‘detox’ has no real meaning outside of the clinical treatment of addiction and poisoning. Most ingested toxins are efficiently and effectively removed by the kidneys and liver, and barring disease, no food, supplement, or lack thereof will improve their function.

    There is no evidence that these ‘toxins’ actually accumulate in the body. If you are concerned about heavy metals or pesticides, no alt med ‘detox’ approach will have any effect on them. You will need hospitalization if you have heavy metal or pesticide poisoning.

    In my experience, ‘detox’ proponents cannot agree on a definition of ‘detox’, they cannot not define what ‘toxins’ are being removed, and they cannot describe how they are being removed. They cannot provide one shred of evidence to support their claims. I have asked these questions here many times.

    As wiki says: "Body cleansing and detoxification have been referred to as an elaborate hoax used by con artists to cure nonexistent illnesses."

    Read also:
    "The Truth about Gallbladder and Liver "Flushes""

    "The Detoxification Myth"

    "Detoxification therapies"

  • Flizbap 2.0

    Detox pills, and detoxification and cleansing in general, are neither useful nor necessary unless you have had long-term narcotic use or are chronically constipated. Detoxification and cleansing has no proven medical benefits for the average person whatsoever. It will NOT help you lose any significant amount of fat. Your intestines are clean unless you use large amounts of muscle relaxers, or have serious digestive illness.

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