High Cholesterol and Statins?

This will be my 3rd time testing tomorrow. I have quit smoking, changed my diet, lost 20p to be in normal BMI and run 20 miles a week. I also have excellent BP 120/68. I’m 39yr old female with high cholesterol that runs on my Father’s side with no family history of cardiac issues. Last time I was tested it was still high after losing weight and everything. Seems I won the genetic lottery.

There’s nothing else I can do short of going Vegan which isn’t happening.

Overall was 273 with LDL 178, HDL 81, and TRY 72. If it’s still high after testing tomorrow do I really need to go on Statins? I’d be more willing to go on them if my HDL was low so I feel conflicted. I’d like opinions from qualified people please. Thank you.


  • James

    You’re perfect. Your cholesterol is great don’t do a thing about it. Here’s the facts:

    What Is Cholesterol Ratio?

    To find your cholesterol ratio, you divide your total cholesterol number by your HDL, or good, cholesterol number. For example, if your total cholesterol number is 200 and your good cholesterol is 50, your total cholesterol ratio is 4:1.

    Is There an Ideal Cholesterol Ratio?

    According to the American Heart Association (AHA), you should keep your cholesterol ratio at or below 5:1. The ideal cholesterol ratio is about 3.5:1.

    Your total cholesterol is 273 and HDL is 81. Your ratio is 3.37. That’s BETTER than the idea ratio.

    Also, to maintain your HDL cholesterol you need to do two things – avoid high calorie carbs and eat good sources of fat – meat, fish, eggs, nuts, avocados, etc.

    Going vegan would be the worse thing you could do. Your LDL would go up and you HDL would go down.

    Bottom-line – you’re perfect!

  • Nana Lamb

    I think I tried all the statin drugs and they did nothing at all for my high LDL and TRY cholesterol levels. Took them for about 10 years. The last one gave me such nasty muscle pains that I won’t take any more of them, EVER!!

    One thing you need to know is that our bodies make the cholesterol the body thinks we need. And no matter if you went straight vegan that would not change. I think this is a scam by the big pharma and the doctors get payoff for each Rx they write for this chemical concoction.

  • mcdbb

    How have you "changed your diet?"

    If you did that low-fat nonsense that is a truism amongst doctors (who have nearly zero training in foods/nutrition) that will not help you any (although it doesn’t seem that you are doing that).

    In general: less animal fats, more plant-based fats (minimally processed is preferable), less refined carbohydrate/sugar (zero, if at all possible), more unprocessed complex carbohydrates, more dark green vegetables and non-starchy vegetable in general.

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