colon cleansing?

Is there anyone who can share idea about using colon cleansing medicine, has it side effect? I’ve seen in the internet that many different kinds of strange stuff removed from their colon. I was scared to see all the unbelievable stranger things. Does it remove from our body easily? Pls advise


  • o2bamy25

    You can buy things that rid your body of pounds of waste build-up and it works. It not only cleanses the colon but it is great to remove all of the toxins which improves your overall health. The best one so far is Colon Blow. Sounds horrible but it works. It may take about 3 days to fully take effect but you will need some time alone in the bathroom. My friends have said that they have experienced foot long "string-like" things coming out but I don’t know. You shouldn’t have too much discomfort- maybe some cramping but not "run to the bathroom faster then you can imagine" pain. Good luck and I hope this helps.

  • susieq

    I think those guys who advocate that on TV just have an anal fixation. When you eat right and have the proper amount of fiber in your diet none of that is neccessary. Your body is perfectly tuned to take care of itself if you listen to it.

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