Are peanuts high in cholesterol?

Do you know if their are any nuts that are not high in cholesterol?


  • kimberhill

    No – cholesterol is a by product of animals. So a raw peanut CAN NOT contain cholesterol. They are however high in other fats.

    If however if it cooked (as most commercially available peanuts are), it is likely to be have been cooked in animal fat. If they are, then they are very high in cholesterol.

  • figaro1912

    It is my understanding that only animal products contain cholesterol.

  • ZhollaMychalis

    High cholesterol levels are a major concern for many people. But happily, peanuts are 100% cholesterol-free!

    This means you can eat them by the bagful without raising your cholesterol level one jot.

  • I was told all nuts and shell fish were. You could read on label and it should tell you. All package foods have to have label by law.

  • 9incher

    Yes they r

  • leowin1948

    I dont know.But if you eat too much peanuts your weight will increase.100 percent sure

  • Tiger42

    No, cholesterol is an animal product. But eat peanuts in moderation.

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