Ants byte remedy?

Ants byte to genital for child 6 yrs old . Please suggest the remedy?


  • Know the Natural Remedies.

    If you are bitten, there are natural substances to soothe the irritation. Aloe vera has extraordinary powers of soothing skin disorders. It is available in forms for both internal and external application in most health and beauty stores.

    If you have one of these amazing plants growing at home, cut the tip off one of the leaves (the leaf will heal itself). Apply the pulp and juice to the itching or swollen area.

    Lightly boiled cabbage or leek makes an excellent analgesic poultice. Of course, if you are hiking in the woods, you might have a little trouble finding cabbage! Plantain also works well. Cut it and rub it to get to the juice then apply it to the affected area.

    Hope this helps, Good Luck.

  • mudpuddle

    lavender oil (pure) can be applied neat to bites & stings although from your question I would add a couple of drops to a teaspoon of vegetable oil to dilute it (do not use any other oil neat unless guided by a proffessional)
    Too much of its fragrance inhaled can cause headaches and (I know your child is only 6!!) don’t use on any one who’s pregnant.

    hope this helps!!

  • dgrkar2002

    I have never tried this, as I just looked it up. But here is what it says.

    "Soothe insect bites. Dissolve two tablets in a glass of water, dip a cloth into the solution, and place the cloth on the bite for twenty minutes.

    Hope this is of some help to you.

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