What are some other Natural "cure all" remedies other that Apple cider vinegar?

I dont want to take apple cider vinegar because of effects it has on the teeth.What are some other supposed "cure all" substances?


  • loriann_sunsfan

    There is no ONE natural "cure all". While there are several natural remedies that will heal or cure different illnesses, bug bites, and physical injuries …..you’ll need to use the appropriate natural remedy for a specific ailment.

    Are you currently suffering from a specific injury or ailment right now? If so, what is it? If you will provide more details, I’ll be happy to give you some sound advice and possibly a few natural "cure alls" for your specific needs.

    In the meantime, here’s a link to some naturally occurring substances and foods that provide relief and sometimes a remedy. You’ll not that there is NO "ONE cure-all" for anything.

    Be well.


    NOTE: There are many VERY nutritious foods that are great remedies for different ailments and deficiencies, but are horrible for your teeth. Good dental hygiene is very important to the health of your teeth and gums, no matter what you are consuming.

  • Thunder

    Cherries for pain
    Garlic as an antibacterial
    sage tea as an intestinal tonic
    too many to mention…

  • Inner Beauty

    There is not one "cure all" remedy. Your best cure is prevention.

    Cancer and most diseases are a result of oxidation due to free radical damage to the cells.

    Your body has its own defense mechanism in place to neutralize free radical formation. However if you are constantly exposing yourself to things like excess sun, cigarette smoke, alcohol, drugs, fried foods, stress just to name a few you might suffer from Oxidative Stress.

    When Free radicals exceed your body’s defense mechanism and supply of antioxidants the cells break down and start to atrophy. When the cell cannot reproduce properly it eventually has an effect on healthy tissue, then organs and finally organ systems. It is gradual and most likely deadly.

    The best answer I can give is to limit your exposure to stressors and take a variety of Anti-Oxidants to help your body reduce the risks caused reduces permeability.

    1. Vitamin C to protect the water soluable parts of the cell.
    2. Vitamin E to protect the oil soluable parts of the cell.
    3. CoQ-10 to protect the mitochondria in the cell – the place where energy is stored and built.
    4. Turmeric is a spice that has many great qualities such as anti-cancer, anti-parasitic, anti-spasmotic, anti-oxidant.

    Combine these things with a healthy diet and your body will benefit. If you are interested in more ways to be healthier in all aspects of body, mind and spirit you may email me directly and I will send you links to my articles and/or newsletters. Just let me know what you want more info on…

    Good luck. I hope this helped.

    Inner Beauty

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