Thyroid medicine while ttc!?

Just diagnosied with a thyroid condition, it’s not working as well as should be. My husband and I are trying for baby. Is ok to rake thyroid medication when ttc and when I do become pregnant?


  • Topper (Linda)

    You don’t mention which thyroid condition or what you are taking.

    If hyPERthroid, the antithyroid drugs given for that are not good for the fetus.

    If hyPOthyroid you need the replacement hormone, if your hormone levels are too low it will not only make conception more difficult you will have a higher risk of miscarriage and even if you are able to carry to full term your baby may have difficulties.

    It would be far better for you, and your baby, to deal with either a hyPO or hyPER condition first, so that YOU are healthy enough to be able to have a healthy, safe and full term pregnancy and a happy and healthy bouncy baby.

  • Kim&Josh<3 TTC#1

    hey girl. I stopped my thyroid meds. & just took my prenatals. My throid aint that serious, well i dont think so atleast… lol so i just stopped taking them. Sorry i couldnt help more!

  • leespitt

    Have you talked to the doctor who diagnosed you? Maybe you can go on and get a more professional opinion of that, and I wish you and your husband the very best of luck and just .
    remember to have fun with the "getting there" part of it

  • WE GOT OUR BFP!!!!

    you will not get pregnant without your medication and if you don’t take it when your pregnant you will miscarry. this all came from my dr. i took myself off my meds when we started ttc and a year later nothin. got back on synthyroid and surprise surprise 2 months later im pregnant. your meds are important to your helth please dont stop taking them.

  • If there is something wrong with your thyroid then you need to take medication. Once your thyroid levels equal out they may lower your dose. My friend took herself off of her thyroid medication to get pregnant with her first and had to be put back on it around 28wks. Her daughter was born at 6lbs 4oz and dropped to 5lbs even after 2wks. When you do become pregnant discuss it all with your OBGYN until then take your medicine because your health is important.

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